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Dotwise has provided SEO services to businesses in Kingston upon Thames since 2013. Our services include expert consultancy and delivery of SEO, Pay-Per-Click marketing (digital advertising) and website maintenance.

Our friendly team are based in Surbiton in the borough of Kingston upon Thames.

Exceed your business ambitions in 2024, partner with Dotwise.
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    About us

    Dotwise is a digital marketing company based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, specialising in local SEO. 

    We help business to grow and thrive using all the tools in the digital toolbox, including SEOPPC, Google Ads, retargeting, remarketing and website maintenance.

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    What customers are saying

    A very positive experience working with Dotwise.
    The SEO audit we requested was fully explained and has given us the information to help move our customers website up the index rankings to increase online sales.
    Alex Wilkie
    eCommerce Website Manager
    Very happy with the help and advice we received from Dotwise. We came looking for help after a disastrous upgrade on WordPress and had calm and constructive advice so the upgrade problems were righted quickly and effectively. Some tips on updating the website have also been much appreciated as was Gordon’s tact in dealing with our lack of formal IT background, as an educational charity for Third Agers we have enthusiasm but still need help with technology.
    Diane Wilson
    Charity Treasurer
    The Dotwise team took on our large marketing project at short notice for our rapidly expanding startup. They built the technical infrastructure to monitor leads and conversions from our website as well as building our ad campaigns. The team were incredibly responsive and helped us get going with digital marketing very quickly.
    Andrew Mostert
    Marketing Manager
    I've worked with the team at Dotwise for a number of years now on various SEO projects. Dotwise have been an exceptionally valuable asset, providing expertise, sound technical advice and a reliable service. More importantly, after only a few months work, we are able to demonstrate positive ROI. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Dotwise.
    Robb Shingles
    Marketing Manager
    Really pleased with the outstanding and friendly customer service I received recently from Dotwise when fixing technical issues with my website. The team are highly skilled, fast, efficient and reliable when resolving IT related issues which deliver excellent results. I would definitely work with them again.
    Joey G
    Men's Fashion Blogger
    Dotwise is a one-stop place for SEO, web development and digital marketing. We have been working with them to improve SEO of our online brand Cotton & Olive since May 2017. Thanks to the training they have given to me over time, I learned a number of skills which enabled me to be the real owner of my webpage. Dotwise is ethically a very reliable partner for your online presence and I highly recommend their customer-friendly service.
    Ilgen Paydas
    Cotton and Olive

    Success story: Bathroom Eleven

    We’re proud to have helped brilliant local brands such as Bathroom Eleven, the local bathroom design and installation company. In this video, Bathroom Eleven’s Ben Setterfield explains the experience of working with Dotwise. 

    Bathroom Eleven Dotwise SEO Case Study from Dotwise on Vimeo.

    Our office is in Surbiton, 2 minutes from the station and easily accessible from Kingston, Richmond and London. We’re a 20-minute train journey from Waterloo station.

    Kingston upon Thames at night
    Kingston upon Thames at night. Image © Dotwise 2024.
    Bathroom Eleven logo
    Kingston Borough Business Awards 2021 Finalist
    Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2019 Finalist
    Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2018 Winner


    We work with companies in a wide range of sectors from B2C to B2B. Contact us for information.

    • Estate agents
    • Solicitors
    • Accountants
    • Charities (local and national)
    • Dampcoursing companies
    • Homewares e-commerce businesses
    • Online dating sites
    • Builders
    • Building surveyors
    • Couriers and taxi firms
    • Art e-commerce businesses
    • Blind installers
    • Local government
    • Shipping companies
    • B2B services including data management
    • Art schools
    • Event and conference organisers
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Cafés
    • Industrial machinery manufacturers
    • Gym installers
    • Bathroom installers
    • Aggregates and soils agents
    • Office furniture retailers
    • Canvas cover manufacturers
    • Gyms
    • Recruitment consultants
    • Logistics companies …


    Just a few of the fantastic businesses we’ve been working with recently.

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