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Free web hosting

10 Ways to Host a Website for Free

Did you know you can host a website on the web without paying anything for it? Here are 10 ways to do that, ranging from the easy to the very techie indeed.

Prevent email spoofing and phishing with DMARC

Protect Your Email With DMARC

Now there’s a new layer of security for your email which can reduce the risk of bad guys spoofing your email address and sending phishing emails. It’s easy and free to set up. Here’s how.

Upcoming changes to email provision

Upcoming Changes to Email Provision

Our upcoming changes to your email provision will make your email faster, more reliable and more secure. Read more about these improvements.

WordPress 2FA

Secure Your WordPress Website With 2FA

Implementing 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) in WordPress is vital to bolster your security. Fortunately it is easy and free. Follow our guide to 2FA and lock down your WordPress!

Website maintenance

Website Support is a Necessity Not a Luxury

Small businesses and startups struggle to find effective, experienced website support companies. They often try to build and maintain their own websites, wasting time and energy. Here’s the solution.

Website content updating services

Website Content Update Services

There are several companies offering to keep your website updated. What do website update services actually do and should you hire one?

Google Lighthouse

Use Google Lighthouse to Point the Way

Google Lighthouse is a tool offered by Google to help website owners understand more about how Google views your site. So if you have one minute, you can now run off a report which will tell you exactly what Google thinks of your site!


Don’t Fall Victim to Ransomware

Ransomware is on the rise and it can be a very nasty and disruptive experience. Don’t fall victim to ransomware. Don’t click links in emails from people you don’t trust.

Lockdown #3 update


It’s another lockdown in England. Here’s our response at Dotwise.

Speed up your website

Speed Up Your Website in Just a Few Clicks

Is it possible to speed up your website in just a few clicks? And free of charge? In many cases it can be done quickly and easily. We look at web caching, something all website owners need but not all know about.

Get more customers

Four Ways to Get More Customers

There are four main ways to get more customers in digital marketing: SEO, PPC, social media and email. Let’s look at each of these ways and weigh up their pros and cons.

www or not-www?

Is www Better or Worse For SEO?

Many websites have dropped the “www” from their domain names. But is having “www” better or worse for SEO? Let’s find out!

Digital advertising

What Is Social Media Management?

It’s the service of using social networks to maximise your brand’s exposure to your target audience. Find out about what social media management includes.

Trophy keywords vs hidden gems

Trophy Keywords vs Hidden Gems

Throw away those trophy keywords and get focussed on the hidden gems that will actually drive traffic and conversions.

Contact Form 7 logo

Get Useful Marketing Information From Contact Form 7

If you use WordPress, there’s a strong chance you also use Contact Form 7 for your online forms. But did you know that you can add some useful marketing information to Contact Form 7 emails without any programming?

Free SEO quote

Get an SEO Quotation

Get a free SEO quotation instantly by entering three simple pieces of information into our SEO quote form.

Unique value proposition

Easy Tweaks to Make Your Homepage Copy Zing

The homepage is one of the most important pages of any company website, but many businesses struggle to get it right. Without the right elements in place, a company’s homepage will fail to engage visitors and damage conversions.

Digital advertising

How To Get Started With Google Ads

As Google Ads experts, we are often asked how to get started on the Google Ads platform. So we wrote this article to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

Accountant with magnifying glass

5 Essential Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Content marketing means creating content (which could be blog posts, LinkedIn posts, videos, podcasts, infographics and more) containing information useful to your potential marketplaces. Here are the trends for 2020.

Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2019 Finalist

Dotwise Finalist in Kingston Business Excellence Awards

Dotwise has been awarded the accolade of Finalist for Best Small/Medium Enterprise in the Kingston Business Excellence Awards. The ceremony was hosted on 10th October 2019 and compered by TV personality Mike Underwood.

Voice search

Voice Search and the Future of SEO

The search landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Sometimes it can feel as though you’ve mastered one SEO trend, only to find it’s outdated and been replaced by another.

Voice search is no exception. How will it shape the future and what do we need to start thinking about when it comes to SEO for business?

GDPR lawful bases for processing personal data

What We Learned About GDPR

Going through GDPR for ourselves and our customers was an eye-opening experience. Apart from the technical implementation aspects, here are some general learnings – some of  which really surprised us. 

Secure laptop with GDPR shield

GDPR and Google AdWords

GDPR legislation will be enforced from 28/5/2018. It affects many digital marketing technologies.

GDPR concept

Google to Distrust all Symantec SSL Certificates

Many websites which are currently encrypted will no longer be trusted by the Google Chrome web browser family. Chrome will issue security warnings when you visit a website encrypted with such a certificate.

GDPR concept

GDPR for Small Businesses

Don’t get caught out by GDPR. We’ve compiled a list of need-to-know tips to help clarify what your responsibilities will be.

Local search

10 Easy Ways to be Found in Local Search

It’s easy to rank in local search results, but you need to follow a few rules. Search expert Gordon Smith shares 10 easy ways to be found in local search.

3 things affecting SEO

Future of SEO

What do the next few years hold in store for SEO? We look at new directions in voice search, user experience and AI and assess their impact.

SEO for accountants

SEO in Vertical Markets

We have been providing SEO in vertical markets for several years. These include surveying, legal services, estate agency and e-commerce.

Local SEO growth

Best Strategy and Tips for Local AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best tools for driving traffic to a website quickly. But it can be a money-pit. We want to find the perfect balance between getting traffic and not spending too much money.

Outsourced website maintenance

PPC vs SEO – Which is Better?

The two main tools that help businesses get ahead of their online competitors are Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). So often, companies will ask, ‘which is better?’


HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the new web standard for delivering web content to browsers, mobiles, tablets, smartphones. It’s adoption is now mushrooming rapidly, so all web developers should have a clear idea of its capabilities and new features.

WordPress logo

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform that is powering thousands of sites all around the world. Now you can have a WordPress-based web site on your domain for just a few pounds a month.