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Businesses Strive, Survive and Thrive In Difficult Times

Dotwise is up and running as usual and here to help during this current Coronavirus outbreak.

Updating your customers and suppliers

Here are the most effective ways to communicate what your business is doing during the lock-down period:

  • Add a sitewide banner to your website leading to a blog post or page detailing your availability, service delivery times, any disruption to services and contact details.
  • Post a note to your social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and don’t forget Google My Business!
  • Send a bulk email through MailChimp or your usual email provider to all your clients and suppliers with the same information.

Contact us if you need us to do any of this for you. We will action requests for site updates/blog posts etc. as a priority.

Survive and thrive

Reading the news can make it feel like the business world is on hold. In reality, most businesses will continue to trade throughout this time. We will all have to make an extra effort to continue our businesses during the outbreak and to make sure we are ready for when the crisis is over. The hallmark of great businesspeople is that they look for opportunities in a seemingly bleak situation. Now is the time for action!

So …

  • Ramp UP digital marketing. As it looks like we may be off the streets for a while, digital services are more needed now than ever! E-commerce websites and sites which deliver information and services online will be facing unprecedented demand.
  • As the marketing cycle is usually around three months, B2B businesses should be planning marketing now for when the lock-down ends. Use the time to create the content and information your customers need. Now is the time for SEO!
  • B2C service businesses should be optimising their websites and creating new content and information for their customers. Customers will appreciate the extra effort business make to look after them during these difficult times. Consider prioritising vulnerable groups such as the elderly through discounts or priority service. B2Cs may need to ramp up paid search spend but there could be opportunities for reduced advertising costs.
  • For all businesses, now’s the time to ensure your website is in tip-top condition and visible in search engines and social networks.

These are unprecedented times but we must and will get through this and come out the other end in great shape for an economic upturn.

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