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Calculating the Value of Digital Advertising

We were recently asked to present a talk to the Kingston Chamber of Commerce on how to calculate the value of digital advertising. 

Using the example of Google Ads, Ros Rowlatt explains how to calculate your advertising budget, how much you should bid for a click and how to ensure you are getting a positive Return on Investment from your spend. 

The talk covers:

  • The value and benefits of digital advertising
  • What you need to build lead-generating PPC campaigns
  • The main advertising platforms
  • Statistics on the use of search and advertising in 2020
  • Benefits of paid search
  • What you need to get started, including:
    • Your website
    • Your landing pages
    • Your business information
    • Your customer “avatar”
  • How to build custom intent audiences
  • How to build a strong call-to-action
  • Keywords and ad groups explained
  • Why negative keywords are vital
  • Improving your Ad Rank and Quality Score
  • Making the most of Google Ads

Download the PowerPoint

Download the PowerPoint here

Calculating the Value of Digital Advertising

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