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Category: Website Maintenance

Free web hosting

10 Ways to Host a Website for Free

Did you know you can host a website on the web without paying anything for it? Here are 10 ways to do that, ranging from the easy to the very techie indeed.

Prevent email spoofing and phishing with DMARC

Protect Your Email With DMARC

Now there’s a new layer of security for your email which can reduce the risk of bad guys spoofing your email address and sending phishing emails. It’s easy and free to set up. Here’s how.

Website maintenance

Website Support is a Necessity Not a Luxury

Small businesses and startups struggle to find effective, experienced website support companies. They often try to build and maintain their own websites, wasting time and energy. Here’s the solution.

Website content updating services

Website Content Update Services

There are several companies offering to keep your website updated. What do website update services actually do and should you hire one?