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Dotdash – Dotwise Digital Marketing Dashboard is Here!

Dotdash – the Dotwise digital dashboard is here!

We’re stoked to announce that after much development, coding and testing, the Dotwise SEO, paid search and social media marketing digital dashboard is here. We call it Dotdash.

For digital entrepreneurs, retailers and bloggers, having all your digital data at your fingertips is incredibly important.

It’s no good if you have to go hunting around for bits of data scattered across multiple platforms.

Most online businesses keep their data in several (sometimes many) different locations. Typically this will include Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, Google/LinkedIn/Facebook/Bing Ads. Then there’s data from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Keeping on top of it all can become a full-time job. What’s more, each data source often gives you data you don’t really need. What you really need to know are answers to key questions:

    • Are my ads performing?
    • How much does a conversion cost me on average?
    • How is my website performing in search?
    • What’s my social following looking like, and what’s my reach?

Well, Dotdash is here to answer all those questions at a glance. Bringing data from multiple disparate sources and blending it together in easy-to-read, at-a-glance charts, graphs, tables and scorecards.

Real-time, usable information

Most of the data on your dashboard is updated in real-time, and goes back 90 days. You can also set the date range yourself to any period of time to compare performance over time, identify seasonal trends and much more.

What’s on the dashboard?

Your digital marketing dashboard is split into several pages. Let’s take a look at each page in turn and what it shows:



Your SEO dashboard tells you how you are ranking in search engines such as and whether your visibility in search is increasing or declining. It also tells you how much traffic your SEO campaigns are driving to your website.

Social media

This dashboard answers questions about which social media networks drive traffic to your site. Curious as to whether Instagram or Twitter drives more traffic? You can get the answer here.

How do I get Dotdash?

If you have been with us for three months or more, we’ll be contacting you shortly to let you know when your dashboard will be coming online.

Does Dotdash cost anything?

No! It’s absolutely free of charge and a standard part of our digital marketing monthly service, available to all clients who have been with us for three months or more.

Can I get Dotdash as an app or on my mobile?

Yes! Your dashboard is 100% compatible with mobile phones and has been designed to work great across all screen sizes.

Can I get custom data in my dashboard or is it one-size-fits-all?

You can absolutely get custom data in your dashboard!

Every business is different and will have different targets, goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

So each dashboard is tailored to include the data that you need to see. For example, if one of your key goals is the number of people who have filled in your contact form, then this will appear as a Goal on your dashboard.

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