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Dotwise Helps Local Kids Learn Web Design and SEO

The Dotwise team has been working with local schoolkids, delivering workshops in digital marketing including website building and SEO.

Our aim is to help kids bridge the gap between computer science as a GCSE subject and the application of a computer science degree in industry.

Cooking up a storm

To make things interesting, we devised a competition. Our cohort of 16 Hinchley Wood School students is split into four teams or four. Each team has been tasked with building a website about a particular type of baked goods: including pasties, pretzels, muffins and yumyums. The websites will inform visitors how to get the best bakery products in the Hinchley Wood area.

Hinchley Wood School pupil
Yum yum

This task goes beyond just website building, and into the realms of SEO (search engine optimisation). The aim is to get their websites to rank in search engines using ethical, white-hat SEO techniques.

They’ll need to write new, engaging content about their baked goods and provide plenty of information about where to find them in the local area.

Students will also learn how to use images with the correct attribution and respecting copyright and legal restrictions.

Any local business willing to link to the websites or share this post with their audience, will support the work that the Year 9 guys have done – they would appreciate it.  This would be of interest to anyone with a taste for fine baked goods.  Have a look at their work here:


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