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Fake Trademark Protection Scams

Email trademark registrationHave you ever received an email from a company in China or the Far East saying something like this:

Dear Manager,

Regarding registration of your company name (your name), hereby send the confirmation letter, please read it carefully.

We are an agency engaging in registering brand name and domain names.

Today, Our center received an application from XXX Company and they apply to register (your name) as their brand name and some top-level domain names(.CN .HK etc).

We found the main body of domain names is same as your company name. I am not sure about the relationship between you and them. Please tell me whether or not your company authorizes them to register names. We are dealing with the application and we need to confirm whether you have authorized them? If you don’t authorize them, please reply me an e-mail.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Name | Service & Operations Manager

If you thought this might be a scam, you’d be right. It’s very simple – they are trying to raise the spectre of some shadowy, unknowable (from the UK) entity registering names like yours.This is to make you fear that your domain set or brand name may be at risk. You will then register the .cn version of your name to avoid the risk. You probably don’t need to register a .cn domain name at all, and the likelihood of any company in the Far East registering it is very low.Don’t click it!It’s an instance of the Chinese Domain Name scam, also known as the Fake Trademark Protection Scam. Here’s a good Wikipedia article on the subject.

Update 3/5/2018 Here’s another classic fake trademark scam email:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Sorry to bother you. We are domain registrar and received the registration request from Breson Global Limited applying to register ukcentric brand and domain names(cn hk etc).

We found those names have same main body as your company’s name. We hereby confirm with your company whether or not your company are affiliated with the applicant.

Please let me know your thoughts ASAP so as to let us work this out,

Have a nice day.

Best regards, Anthony Luo


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