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When the phone first rings here at Dotwise, the question that’s uppermost in our customer’s mind is usually: “How much does SEO cost?”

In reality the answer is not completely straightforward. There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account. These include:

  • The geographical area that you want target your SEO towards (for example, a campaign that targets the whole of the UK is going to be more expensive than a campaign that only needs to target one town or county).
  • The popularity of the keyword you want to rank for. For example, ranking for a keyword such as car repairs is going to be harder than ranking for engine replacement services in Chester. The latter keyphrase is much more specific and therefore is searched a lot less than the former. At Dotwise we help to find the right balance between popular and useful keywords.
  • The competition. If competition for a keyword is high, SEO will be more expensive because it will take more effort to beat off the competition.

All these questions make a big difference to your final SEO quotation.

However, we understand that you really just a quick answer, so to make things simpler we have developed our new SEO quotation form.

The great thing about it is:

  • It’s free to use
  • It does not require you to enter an email address or phone number
  • In fact it only asks three simple questions: the address of your website, the keyword you want to rank for and the size of the geographical area you want to rank in (a single town, a single county or the whole of the UK).

With these three simple pieces of information, we can automatically generate an initial price for SEO.

It works by examining where your website currently stands in Google in relation to your chosen keyword, how much competition there is and how many searches there are for a given keyword each month throughout the whole of the  UK.

Get an instant cost of SEO for your business and if you like what you see, get in touch!

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