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New! The Dotwise Keyword Combiner is Here

The Dotwise Keyword Combiner is a simple but handy tool for anybody who needs to combine two lists of keywords together. For example if you are creating a list of local keywords to monitor for SEO, you might want to combine areas with services, such as:

  • plumbers
  • plumbing companies
  • boiler installers


  • london
  • surrey
  • kent

The keyword combination generator will combine the two lists in a flash, giving you:

  • plumbers london
  • plumbing companies london
  • boiler installers london
  • plumbers surrey
  • plumbing companies surrey
  • boiler installers surrey
  • plumbers kent
  • plumbing companies kent
  • boiler installers kent

It also offers the ability to output the combined list using four commonly used “match types” as per Google Ads: broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match. This will save time when inputting keywords into Google Ads keyword lists. You can also choose to output all the keywords in reverse as well, in case you want to import the reverse list into your keyword tool.

The tool is free to use. Why not let us have your feedback here: Contact us

Keyword Combiner Tool

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