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UKcentric has a New Brand Name – Dotwise!

UKcentric's new brand name is Dotwise

Exciting news! From 1-Jan-2018 we will be delivering digital marketing services through our new brand name – Dotwise.

Dotwise – common sense in digital marketing

We have chosen the name Dotwise as it beautifully reflects our core values:

  • Experience – collectively almost 30 years of digital marketing knowhow at our fingertips, together with cutting edge knowledge from continual training, learning and a passion for the web
  • Wisdom – we love cutting through the hype that surrounds digital marketing and focussing on what really works for each individual business
  • Common sense – we apply common sense for a result-focussed approach
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Why the change?

“UKcentric” was a name chosen to differentiate ourselves from US-based online marketing companies back in the noughties. Times have changed and such a differentiation is no longer the most important thing about us.

What is changing?

Only our trading name. Our company name will continue to be UKcentric Ltd for the time being. All our web hosting-only activities will remain under the UKcentric brand. All digital marketing activities will be delivered under the Dotwise brand (that is Spotlight services including SEO, PPC and SMM).

We’ve also got a shiny new logo.

The logo is in the shape of a speech bubble, which reflects how we love to talk about your business’s goals. And can you spot an open door in the logo too? That’s because we’re always available to talk at your convenience.

As a Spotlight customer, what do I need to do?

First of all, our team is remaining exactly the same. Your Client Co-ordinator and the team working on your account will not change at all.

Our office address remains the same at 33-34 Surbiton Business Centre, 46 Victoria Road, Surbiton, KT6 4JL.

Our phone number is staying the same – 020 8399 4920.

We’ll now answer the phone as “Dotwise” instead of “UKcentric”.

Our email addresses will be changing to @dotwise addresses. But don’t worry, our old email address will continue to work just the same after the change so you won’t need to change anything at your end.

Every customer will be given their own unique email address with which to send messages to our Teamwork project management system. We’ll let you know what your email address is in due course.

Our main website will be

As a hosting-only customer, what do I need to do?

Your web hosting and email services will stay just the same as before. You’ll contact us through our website at and your client accounts will remain the same at


We know you may have some questions about our new identity. Feel free to ring on 020 8399 4920 or drop us a message.

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