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Hi! Are you snowed under with all the website updating you have to do? We understand this problem.

Sites can need many different types of updating. Here are some examples:

  • Adding new photos
  • Adding product descriptions.
  • Adding blog articles (and making them look good with images and quotes).
  • Adding new products or new product categories to e-commerce websites.
  • Adding new forms and contact methods to informational websites.
  • Whole new features – such as adding the ability to buy products or book services online.
  • Updating plugins and security features to prevent the site getting hacked.

For most businesses, the website is a central component of the whole business. It’s where customers first experience the brand (apart from perhaps on social media) and it’s where the details of your products and services usually live.

Also, it’s very often where you actually carry out your business. It’s where you sell your products and services and where you keep your customers (and potential customers) up to date and informed about the latest offerings and deals.

There’s so much potential with your website. The sky is the limit in terms of what you do. But keeping your site secure and up to date with the latest information can be a problem. Can you relate to any of the following situations?

  • I own a website which is out of date.
  • I’m worried that my site is out of date and could get hacked.
  • I’ve been told my site looks old-fashioned.
  • There’s content on my website which doesn’t reflect my current business.
  • I don’t know how to update my website.
  • I had a website designer design my site but he is ghosting me.
  • Something’s gone wrong on my website and I don’t know who to call.
  • My site has been hacked!

Pitfalls of an out-of-date website

We very often see websites which are out of date in ways that are sometimes hard to spot. Here are some obvious examples:

  • Product information that’s out of date.
  • Products that you no longer sell.
  • Prices that are no longer accurate.
  • Descriptions of services that you no longer provide.
  • Areas you no longer work in.
  • Photographs of staff members who no longer work at your business.
  • Blog posts that are so old as to be embarrassing.

And some of the less obvious issues with allowing your site to go stale.

Out of date copyright notices in the footer of websites are a sure-fire way to tell customers that you have not updated your site for ages.

  • When your last blog article was published years ago.
  • When your photos look like a throwback to early 00’s.
  • Jaded, out-of-date website design.
  • Non-responsive websites which don’t work on mobile.

Website rot

When a website goes out of date, we call it “rot”. It’s something that can happen to all sites that get updated piecemeal over time.

Out of date information on websites is not just embarrassing, it can cause serious business issues as well. There have been many instances of businesses feeling obliged to honour prices that are out of date or deliver services that are no longer the core focus of the business, just because a customer rang up enquiring the product/service.

Out of date websites can cost you money, time, and hassle. Don’t let your site lead you into unwanted business!

The alternative is making sure your site is up to date, accurate and current at all times. But business owners very often have difficulty delegating this kind of work to their team members. Not because they’ve employed the wrong people, but because most businesses (especially small businesses and startups) don’t have anybody on the team who is a web “specialist”.

There are usually several people in any team who have a good working knowledge of how websites work, but not necessary the technical ability or capacity or (frankly) the confidence to keep websites completely up to date all the times.

What to do about it

If you find yourself with a websites that’s beginning to rot, talk to Dotwise. We provide a low-cost website maintenance and update service that will take care of everything from out-of-date content to security. We also make sure your site is running super-fast and is not “down”, through our website monitoring service. Not only can we take care of applying web security best-practice, so you can be sure your site is using the latest and greatest security software and is hack-proof as it’s possible to get, but we’ll also recommend and/or apply the most common speed updates too.

It’s all geek to me

If you own a website then you might be worried about engaging a tech team for several reasons. You might worry that you won’t be able to talk their language, and they’ll blind you with science (just to take your money). Or you might be worried that they’ll be remote and won’t be able to talk to you in person at all.

We understand this, and that’s why we make sure that we are available on the phone during working hours so that you can talk to a real expert who understands your business completely.

Don’t delay, get in touch to talk to us about an off-the-shelf website content updating service, or a one-off piece of work that needs doing.

This article is aimed at: small and medium-sized business owners; companies without a dedicated web team; startups; 

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