Increased Sales Enquiries By 322% in Three Months

How we helped a customer generate hundreds more sales enquiries by getting their site to #1 in Google for many different keywords.

The challenge

Our customer approached us after working with other agencies without much success.

They had a perfectly good website but not much traffic.

Their website received about 150 users per week from organic search (SEO) and the queries driving these visits were almost all "brand" keywords. This means that users were searching the company's brand name. Brand searches are OK - they show that you are a trusted brand. But the main goal of SEO is to attract new customers who have never heard of you.

SEO growth chart

Search traffic was growing marginally throughout 2019 but this was mainly due to an increase in brand-related searches.

The solution

We developed a strategy to get this website moving. First of all we sat down with our client to identify the most lucrative and desirable products and services they sell. (Side note: not all customers want to focus on their most profitable product lines - sometime high profit means high hassle and it's easier to sell slightly less profitable product lines without so much hassle).

Once our keyword list was defined we started our usual monitoring service: we conducted a search on for every one of their keywords, every day, so we can build a picture of ranking changes (hopefully, increasing).

Now we began work on our client's social media: posting regularly to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to gain an audience. We also worked extensively on improving the technical aspects of their website and developing new content based around the keywords identified.

SEMrush growth chart

Search rankings improving from around Feb 2020 onwards.

2020 search results

Massive increase in search traffic in 2020 as our SEO campaign kicked in.


The impact

2020 search results

The SEO campaign took about three months to really kick in, which is an average time. But the results were anything but average. You can see from this graph that the search rankings really began taking off from January 2020.

  • 322% increase in relevant, qualified search traffic
  • 24% increase in overall search visibility