10 Takeaways From SMX East, NYC in November 2019

Gordon Smith, Head of SEO at Dotwise, travelled to New York in November 2019 to check out the East Coast’s premier SEO and Search Engine Marketing conference, SMX East. He said: SMX was a great experience. I learned a ton of new techniques and tricks and it was great to meet and chat with the […]

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Kingston Business Excellence Awards

Dotwise Finalist in Kingston Business Excellence Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Dotwise has been awarded the accolade of Finalist for Best Small/Medium Enterprise in the Kingston Business Excellence Awards. The awards ceremony was hosted on 10th October 2019 and compered by TV personality Mike Underwood. The Dotwise team has been striving all year since our outright win in the Commitment to Customer […]

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Commerce-As-A -Service

What is CaaS (Commerce-As-A-Service) and How Can It Help E-commerce Businesses?

Commerce-as-a-Service is a natural development in the e-commerce world. It allows you to move your e-commerce data and computing into the cloud, making it portable and scalable whilst choosing the front-end of your choice.

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Are You Doing Digital Marketing or Playing Golf in the Dark?

At the moment I’m inspired by Matthew Syed’s excellent book Black Box Thinking. Amongst other things, he posits the question: why, given the same amount of training and practice, is it often the case that one person gets better and better whilst another makes no progress at all? One reason is because practice and training require […]

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Tips for Hiring an SEO Agency in 2019

Hiring an SEO agency can propel your business to unknown heights. But it can also be risky, if you don’t choose your agency wisely. Here are our ten top tips for choosing an SEO agency in 2019.

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Dotdash – Dotwise Digital Marketing Dashboard is Here!

Dotdash – the Dotwise digital dashboard is here! We’re stoked to announce that after much development, coding and testing, the Dotwise SEO, paid search and social media marketing digital dashboard is here. We call it Dotdash. For digital entrepreneurs, retailers and bloggers, having all your digital data at your fingertips is incredibly important. It’s no […]

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Never Launch on a Friday – Best Day to Launch a New Website

Time and time again clients schedule the launch date for a new website, feature or paid search campaign on a Friday. We advise never to launch such things on a Friday. And below, we will reveal the right time to launch your existing new project!

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Search report

Understanding a Keyword Position Report

If you’ve received a keyword position report from Dotwise or anybody else, you may wondering how to interpret it. Here’s how:   Let’s look at the columns in this report, one by one. SERPs icons In the second column of your report you will see various icons. These represent the special features which Google shows […]

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Fake Domain Registration Scams Still Doing the Rounds

Received an email like this? “Our system shows that you are the owner of www.domain.co.uk. This can have far-reaching consequences for you in the future.” Bin it! 🙂

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SEO results dropped

What To Do If Your Search Rankings Suddenly Tank

So, you’re just browsing around on Google in a spare moment and you decide (as you do most days) to Google your own keywords. Fully expecting to see your website firmly in position #1 or on the first page (or somewhere nicely near the top) all of a sudden you are nowhere to be seen. […]

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Reviews.co.uk vs Google reviews

Reviews.co.uk vs Google Reviews

Many of our customers use Reviews.co.uk. We use it ourselves. Reviews.co.uk (part of Reviews.io) provides a robust platform for gathering independent reviews from customers whilst offering good feedback opportunities. What’s more, its licensing agreement with Google means that ratings collected via Reviews.co.uk can appear both in Google search results and on your Google My Business […]

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Professional blog writing

The Art and Science of Professional Blog Writing

It’s widely accepted that blogging and content creation in general can boost your presence online, bring organic search traffic to your website and thereby increase sales leads. Let’s look at the art and science of blog writing and how it can benefit almost any business.

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PPC Company

What to Expect From Your PPC Campaign

If you are thinking of working with a PPC company like Dotwise, to help advertise your business online, it’s worth understanding what to expect from your new supplier and PPC campaign. First things first: the research Great! You’ve got in touch with us for a quote. Now, to create your quote, the first thing we […]

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Voice Search and the Future of SEO

By 2020 half of all searches will be voice searches. How will voice search affect SEO and what should we do now to prepare for the voice-activated future?

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Increase mail deliverability with Mandrill

Web to Email Contact Forms – Increasing Reliability

Contact form emails can potentially be incredibly valuable, so it is crucial to ensure your system is ultra-reliable and those emails reach you

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Google update history

Timeline of Major Google Search Algorithm Updates

These are the most important of the historical Google algorithm updates which have affected websites over the years.

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Dotwise accepting the Customer Service Excellence Award

Dotwise Awarded Best for Customer Service in Kingston Business Excellence Awards

We’re chuffed to bits to be have won the Kingston Business Excellence Awards Customer Service Excellence category. 

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Upset woman with laptop

Fallen Out With Your Web Guys? Tell Us About It!

Website maintenance services take the worry and hassle out of keeping your business website online and up to date. Make sure you purchase professional website maintenance.

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GDPR lawful bases for processing data

What We Learned About GDPR

Going through GDPR for ourselves and our customers was an eye-opening experience. Apart from the technical implementation aspects, here are some general learnings – some of  which really surprised us. 

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GDPR compliance

Steps Towards GDPR Compliance

The GDPR deadline is only a matter of weeks away, so now is the time to get compliant. At Dotwise, we’re getting all belt-and-braces, not only with our clients but with our own processes as well.

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Instagram logo

Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

Let’s look at how Instagram has become a very important marketing channel and how it can work for all kinds of business.

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We Have Moved!

Our lovely new office is three times the size of our place in Surbiton Business Centre, much more central and right next to Surbiton station.

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GDPR compliance

GDPR and Google AdWords

For this blog, we’re going to narrow things down and focus on GDPR and Google AdWords.

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Dotwise logo

UKcentric has a New Brand Name – Dotwise!

From 1-Jan-2018 we will be delivering Spotlight digital marketing services through our new brand name – Dotwise.

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Link hub

Link Networks: How They Can Kill Your SEO

In SEO, links between websites play a crucial role. It’s reckoned that links from other sites to yours account for about 50% of your ranking in search engines. (The other 50% is comprised of many other factors). Links signal trust. So maybe it’s natural to assume that building links from other sites to yours is […]

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London SEO company

Case Study: Improve Local Search Rankings Against Competitors

This week brought some great news to one of our clients. They had been longing to appear in the local pack of Google search results for a specific handful of keyphrases. We did some technical SEO to get them there and this had the delightful side-effect of knocking their number one competitor out of almost […]

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Social networking

Case Study: 80% of Sales Leads from 2 Minutes of Marketing Per Day

Can you imagine 80% of your sales leads originating from just 2 minutes of effort per day? That is the level of success that our friend Kapil Kapur is currently enjoying on social media, focussing specifically on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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GDPR for Small Businesses

GDPR for Small Businesses

As a small business owner you will probably already be aware that Data Protection regulations are going to change in May 2018. You will almost certainly be affected if you hold data on individuals in any form. But there’s a lot of poor information swirling about. Don’t get caught out by GDPR myths. We’ve compiled […]

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SEO basics

SEO: Back to the Very Basics

We’re sometimes asked “What is SEO” or “How does SEO work?” It’s a big topic but let’s start with the very basics. In this article I’ll give a high level summary of search engines work, how the position of websites within search engines works is calculated, and touch briefly on how SEO aims to improve […]

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Local SEO

10 Easy Ways to be Found in Local Search

All local businesses – no matter the size – have a right to be found in local search results, whether on Google, Bing or any other search engine. The only thing stopping you is ensuring search engines understand who, what and where you are. Here are my top 10 guidelines to ensure your small business […]

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Member of Kingston Chamber of Commerce
Winner, Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2018, Customer Service category