We Have Moved!

By Gordon Smith

Not content with changing our brand name from UKcentric to Dotwise back in January, we have now moved our office lock, stock and barrel 200 yards up Surbiton high street. Our lovely new office is three times the size of our place in Surbiton Business Centre, much more central - being right next to Surbiton station - and conveniently close to several top-class coffee shops ...

We loved Ex Cellar, Wags'n'Tales and Supratutto and we will be back we promise! But we are also looking forward to the "station-end" coffee shops such as The Press Room, the Clocktower Cafe and The Pickled Pantry. The planning and preparation that goes into moving a business that's been in one place for nearly 8 years is considerable. Phones, IP addresses, company registrations, legal paperwork and much more need to be worked out in advance and executed at exactly the right time. Then there's the logistics of the actual move - shifting a ton of boxes, loads of PCs and monitors and huge bulky desks. So congrats to the Dotwise team Ros, Michele and Anthony who have worked really hard to make the move happen and the day of the move go really smoothly.

We are now much better placed to have meetings with customers. Not just our physical proximity to Surbiton station (we're only 20 minutes from Waterloo, 10 minutes from Kingston and a hen's kick from Richmond and Twickenham), but our new-found space means we can welcome customers into the office without them tripping over staff, cables and furniture!

Our new address

Dotwise Suite 5, Claremont House
22-24 Claremont Road