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Welcome to Dotwise – one of the most experienced and longest-standing SEO companies in London.

Using a judicious mix of SEO, PPC and social media, we’ll help to build your business presence whether your market is in the capital, throughout the UK or around the world.

It’s not easy to find a great SEO company in London.

At Dotwise we’re obsessed with just one aim – to grow your business online. We use all the latest SEO tools and techniques in addition to PPC, retargeting, remarketing and social media.

Nobody knows London like we do

In many cases SEO has a local element. Many of our clients are based in Greater London and want to service clients within a specific geographical area – such as South West London or North East London.

For example one of our solicitor clients wanted to dominate the search results in their home area of London, as well as receive business from the surrounding towns. Having the local feet-on-the-ground knowledge of these areas was really helpful in achieving the top positions in Google.

Another client is a company which converts cellars and basements into usable rooms.

This is a booming business in London. Each basement job can generate thousands of pounds of profit. But competition is fierce, and not all areas have the most lucrative clients. So our clients’ focus is getting the most lucrative jobs in the wealthiest parts of London – with an emphasis of those areas which were easiest to reach by road. Being able to easily reach a client is an important part of their profit strategy.

Our SEO coverage

We cover all boroughs of London and we’re particularly active in the boroughs around Kingston, Richmond, Sutton, Croydon, Hammersmith, Lambeth, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Westminster, Camden, Waltham Forest and Merton.


Fortunately, as our team are based in London (and most have lived here all their lives) we are able to pinpoint and assist with this kind of hyper-local SEO.

London SEO case studies

  • Recovering a Site’s SEO After Being Hacked
    • Redevelop Estate Agency Website
      • Recovering Lost Search Rankings After New Website Launch

        Welcome to Dotwise – the Surrey-based SEO company that can help drive leads, sales and enquiries to your business.

        Why SEO?

        Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making improvements to your website and overall online presence to maximise your chances of being found in searches for keywords related to your business.

        A website which has not been optimised is unlikely to rank in search. This could cost you thousands in lost business opportunities. The truth is that all businesses need to SEO continually.

        Using only white-hat, ethical SEO techniques approved and recommended by Google, we optimise your website to ensure it reaches the highest possible positions in Google and other search engines. Our SEO team have over 20 years’ experience and some stunning case studies to share with you. Find out more.

        How it works

        We start your project by discussing your business goals. Our question is: What products or services do you want to sell and be found for in Google or other search engines? We also find out what profit you make per sale, and per customer. These figures help us to work out your expected SEO budget.

        Content marketing

        The SEO audit, conducting by a human (not a machine) is a careful look at your website and online presence. It examines over 50 technical and structural points.


        With this information we research the keywords that customers will likely be using to find your website. We look at how many people search for your keywords and what synonyms there are. We then draw up a shortlist of between 5 and 50 keywords that we will focus on.

        SEO audit

        Then, our well-trained and experienced team will conduct a thorough audit of your website. Looking at over 50 technical points, we assess where your website’s strengths and weaknesses lie in relation to your keywords. From this we draw up your SEO strategy – what we should work on first that will have the maximum impact for the least amount of money.

        We then implement the strategy – usually over the course 3 or 6 months to several years, depending on the competition in your market sector.


        We monitor the results by checking the position of your keywords every single day and recording them in our database. We then present the results to you through a custom-built digital dashboard which gives you a clear, real-time idea of the success of your campaign, whenever you wish to check in. The dashboard will tell you: how big an increase in search traffic we have delivered to you, how much better the traffic is converting into sales, leads and enquiries, and even the number and dates of all enquiries and sales made.

        SEO dashboard

        The Dotwise digital marketing dashboard (DotDash) will show you the increase in sales, leads and enquiries in real-time.


        The cost of an SEO campaign is driven by several factors: how well-optimised your website is at the outset, competition in the marketplace, number of keywords you want to target, etc.

        Our pricing is always totally clear and transparent. We charge a modest hourly rate, discussed and agreed in advance and we stick firmly to the agreed price. The price usually ranges from £300 to £1000 per month and the project can last from 3 months upwards depending on your ambition. We can always find a suitable solution for any budget.

        To help you make the right decision, here is our guide to How to Choose an SEO Company.

        Surrey expertise

        As we’re based in the beautiful county of Surrey we have long-standing expertise which we use to help local businesses extend their presence. Most of our Surrey clients are currently clustered around Kingston, Surbiton, Guildford, Esher and Woking. But we can travel anywhere in the county to visit you.

        Past clients

        At Dotwise we are proud to have successfully improved the online presence for businesses in these sectors:

        • Estate agents
        • Solicitors
        • Accountants
        • Charities (local and national)
        • Dampcoursing companies
        • Homewares e-commerce businesses
        • Online dating sites
        • Builders
        • Building surveyors
        • Couriers and taxi firms
        • Art e-commerce businesses
        • Blind installers
        • Local government
        • Shipping companies
        • B2B services including data management
        • Art schools
        • Event and conference organisers
        • Hotels
        • Restaurants
        • Bars
        • Cafés
        • Industrial machinery manufacturers
        • Gym installers
        • Bathroom installers
        • Aggregates and soils agents
        • Office furniture retailers
        • Canvas cover manufacturers
        • Gyms
        • Recruitment consultants
        • Logistics companies …

        The team

        You’ll find our team both friendly, approachable and extremely technically capable and experienced.

        Our SEO team is led by Gordon Smith, an experienced SEO professional with 15 years of success behind him. We also have

        Anthony Annarino – Web Technician
        Ros Rowlatt – PPC Expert
        Michele Andrews – Account Manager

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        Pay-Per-Click (digital advertising)

        Online advertising (also known as pay-per-click marketing can include well-known advertising platforms such as Google Ads, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook ads, Twitters ads. It can also include retargeting (ads which appear on other websites after the user has left your website) and remarketing (follow-up emails which can bring sales from customers who abandoned purchasing on your website). Find out more.

        Social Media Marketing

        Social media marketing starts with great strategy. Our dedicated, experienced team will devise the best possible social media strategy for your site. We also provide the training you and your team need to deliver the strategy or we can deliver it for you. So whether your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media network, we can help build your audience and increase your brand awareness. Ask us for case studies and examples of our work. Find out more.

        How to get started

        Just drop us a note about your business and we’ll be in touch straight away.

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Winner, Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2018, Customer Service category