All web development companies and SEO companies have to have a thorough understanding of WordPress, the world's most popular content management system. At Dotwise we keep our WordPress skills finely tuned.

Secure Your WordPress Website With 2FA

Implementing 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) in WordPress is vital to bolster your security. Fortunately it is easy and free. Follow our guide to 2FA and lock down your WordPress!

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Speed Up Your Website in Just a Few Clicks

Is it possible to speed up your website in just a few clicks? And free of charge? In many cases it can be done quickly and easily. We look at web caching, something all website owners need but not all know about.

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Get Useful Marketing Data From Contact Form 7

If you use WordPress, there’s a strong chance you also use Contact Form 7 for your online forms. But did you know that you can add some useful marketing information to Contact Form 7 emails without any programming?

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Fallen Out With Your Web Guys? Tell Us About It!

Website maintenance services take the worry and hassle out of keeping your business website online and up to date. Make sure you purchase professional website maintenance.

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The Challenges of Accessible Website Design

Website accessibility is the process of designing websites which have no barriers to access for people with disabilities.

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WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform that is powering thousands of sites all around the world. Now you can have a WordPress-based web site on your domain for just a few pounds a month.

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