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Whether your business is e-commerce, B2B or B2C services, digital advertising can bring huge rewards. Paid search is simply the fastest way to get new customers.

If you are looking to sell products, get leads or increase brand awareness, we build smart, measurable campaigns that put you in front of the right audience – fast.

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We are really flexible. There are no long-term contracts and our cancellation notice period is just 30 days.

There are two parts to your payment: the cost of the advertising itself, which is paid directly to the network (e.g., Google). The price you pay will vary according to how many sales you want to generate. Typical budgets range from £500 to £5000 per month. The second part of the charge is our setup and optimisation fees. These usually start around £600-1000 in the first month to get your campaigns set up and running. This usually then drops to around £200 per month for ongoing optimisation, reporting, competition monitoring etc.

You will see the results firstly by increased sales, leads and contacts. Secondly, at the outset of every campaign, we work with you to agree your objectives, whether that's phone calls, emails, contact forms, downloads. We then build a digital dashboard so that you can see the increase that each campaign is making. Your dashboard is updated in real-time so you can keep an eye on your results daily.


Why PPC?

Paid search brings immediate, measurable traffic to your website.

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With PPC advertising you only pay when somebody clicks your ads.
Zero wasted budget.

Accurately target your audience by age, gender, geographic area.

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Whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, PPC works like magic.

With retargeting, you can show ads to customers who left your site without purchasing.


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About us

Dotwise is a leading PPC company based in London. Most of our customers are in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the home counties. But in today's virtual world, it doesn't matter where you're located, Dotwise can help you. 

Our specialist experience covers B2B sectors including solicitors and accountants, trades such as electricians, home installers (e.g., blind fitters, electricians, plumbers, pest control companies). We also specialise in e-commerce, covering B2C e-commerce platforms including sporting goods, homewares, electrical goods, car accessories, clothes and much more beside. 

Our approach is highly systematic. We find out all about your company, especially how you mainly make your money now and how you want to make your money in the future. We then look at your profit margins now and from this we can calculate how much you could and should be spending on pay-per-click marketing. 

We look at your audiences and establish where they hang out on the Internet. It could be on Google Search, it could be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or perhaps in forums. Wherever your audience is, is where you need to be, so audience identification is a key part of our process. 

We then set up your campaigns, create ads, write ad copy, place the ads and install the tracking necessary on your website or mobile app to monitor the ads' effectiveness. We then report back to you to ensure you are getting the right kinds of customers and leads to your website. 

Once we have brought customers to your door we then identify opportunities for maximising conversion rates on your website and increasing the lifetime value of your customers. 

We take a profit-first approach. We view PPC as an investment in the future of your business, to get your sales really moving. 


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As well as PPC and Facebook marketing, we also provide SEO and social media management

Awards and accreditations

Member of Kingston Chamber of Commerce
Winner, Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2018, Customer Service category
Finalist, Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2018