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Pay-Per-Click advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Maximum exposure across the UK's biggest digital platforms

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Google Ads marketing is the backbone of most digital advertising campaigns. We are Google Partners and qualified Google Ads management experts.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has incredible reach across the UK and offers great value, especially for B2C and local businesses. Facebook Ads management can save you money and bring you more business.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Ads management is a great way to get your business seen by decision-makers. Target your audience by role, company, area and more.

YouTube advertising

Connect with your audience on YouTube using video or display ads. Fully measurable results

Other supported platforms include X and Instagram.

Why choose Dotwise?

Professional and friendly SEO services

Unbeatable experience

Founded in 1998, we have years of experience and continually refreshed professional qualifications.

SEO account manager

Know your account manager

Your friendly account manager will lead you through all the options and is your single point of contact at all times.

Ethical SEO

The ethical approach

Grow your business using only ethical, Google-approved techniques. We believe in complete transparency.

Technical SEO

Technical excellence

Our service is built on a deep technical understanding of the web. Our technical team is second-to-none.

Customer support

Customer support

Our award-winning customer support is unique in the digital advertising industry. You will feel completely looked after.

Whether your business is e-commerce, B2B or B2C services, digital advertising can bring huge rewards. Paid search is simply the fastest way to get new customers.

If you are looking to sell products, get leads or increase brand awareness, we build smart, measurable campaigns that put you in front of the right audience – fast.

Digital advertising

Why PPC?

Paid search brings immediate, measurable traffic to your website.

Key questions answered

There are two parts to your payment: the cost of the advertising itself, which is paid directly to the network (e.g., Google). The price you pay will vary according to how many sales you want to generate. Typical budgets range from £500 to £5000 per month. The second part of the charge is our setup and optimisation fees. These usually start around £600-1000 in the first month to get your campaigns set up and running. This usually then drops to around £200 per month for ongoing optimisation, reporting, competition monitoring etc.

There are two parts to your payment: the cost of the advertising itself, which is paid directly to the network (e.g., Google). The price you pay will vary according to how many sales you want to generate. Typical budgets range from £500 to £5000 per month. The second part of the charge is our setup and optimisation fees. These usually start around £600-1000 in the first month to get your campaigns set up and running. This usually then drops to around £200 per month for ongoing optimisation, reporting, competition monitoring etc.

You will see the results firstly by increased sales, leads and contacts. Secondly, at the outset of every campaign, we work with you to agree your objectives, whether that’s phone calls, emails, contact forms, downloads. We then build a digital dashboard so that you can see the increase that each campaign is making. Your dashboard is updated in real-time so you can keep an eye on your results daily.

Campaign types

Brand recognition

Raising awareness of your brand is often the first step for start-ups and product launches. Ads is well-suited to low-cost awareness campaigns.

Brand awareness is effective when it leaves your potential customers wanting more. It targets them at the top of the purchasing journey when they are looking for suppliers.

We build brand campaigns to amplify your product or service’s benefits and leave your customers with a good feeling about you. Using retargeting we’ll then ensure that when it’s time for your customer to buy, your business will be top-of-mind.

Lead generation

For many businesses, starting a conversation with the client is the main aim of advertising. Especially for service businesses where the sales process is longer and more complex. 

Google Ads can be the first step. Combining powerful ad copy with brilliantly effective landing pages is crucial to winning the interest of potential customers. 

At Dotwise we write ad copy, design and building landing pages (usually within your existing website) and create strong calls-to-action to increase conversions. We also measure conversions using sophisticated and accurate conversion tracking. 


For many businesses, the sale can take place right on the landing page. This is particularly true for B2C businesses using e-comomerce to sell products to consumers. 

Using platforms such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, we can drive qualified buyers to your website or online store and then create a strong and urgent desire to buy.

We design the campaign, create ad copy, create effective product landing pages, integrate payment systems such as WorldPay, Stripe, PayPal, SagePay  and install accurate conversion tracking so you can see your sales figures in real time.

    About us

    Dotwise is a leading PPC company based in London. Most of our customers are in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the home counties. But in today’s virtual world, it doesn’t matter where you’re located, Dotwise can help you. 

    Our specialist experience covers B2B sectors including solicitors and accountants, trades such as electricians, home installers (e.g., blind fitters, electricians, plumbers, pest control companies). We also specialise in e-commerce, covering B2C e-commerce platforms including sporting goods, homewares, electrical goods, car accessories, clothes and much more beside. 

    Our approach is highly systematic. We find out all about your company, especially how you mainly make your money now and how you want to make your money in the future. We then look at your profit margins now and from this we can calculate how much you could and should be spending on pay-per-click marketing. 

    We look at your audiences and establish where they hang out on the Internet. It could be on Google Search, it could be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or perhaps in forums. Wherever your audience is, is where you need to be, so audience identification is a key part of our process. 

    We then set up your campaigns, create ads, write ad copy, place the ads and install the tracking necessary on your website or mobile app to monitor the ads’ effectiveness. We then report back to you to ensure you are getting the right kinds of customers and leads to your website. 

    Once we have brought customers to your door we then identify opportunities for maximising conversion rates on your website and increasing the lifetime value of your customers. 

    We take a profit-first approach. We view PPC as an investment in the future of your business, to get your sales really moving. 

    Google Ads management

    Are you confused about Google Ads (AdWords)? Do you feel like you are wasting money? Do you see competitors advertising all over Google and wonder how they make money from it?

    The chances are that they are using an Ads management agency. The purpose of an agency is to guide you towards profitability by understanding your customers and what they respond to.

    We admit that Google Ads can be confusing. Setting up campaigns is not always easy. You just want the end result – money in the till. If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, then Ads might be for you:

    • Do you want more customers for the same advertising budget?
    • Have you tried Google Ads before but either lost money on it or found it unprofitable?
    • Are you hesitant to invest in Ads because of past experience or a lack of confidence in your ability to make it profitable?
    • Do your competitors use Google Ads?
    • Do you need to start generating revenue quickly (in the next few weeks, rather than the next few months)?

    What to expect from your PPC campaign

    If you are thinking of working with a PPC company like Dotwise, to help advertise your business online, it’s worth understanding what to expect from your new supplier and PPC campaign.

    The research

    Great! You’ve got in touch with us for a quote.

    Now, to create your quote, the first thing we need to do is understand your business.

    PPC on mobile phones
    PPC on mobile phones

    We will ask questions such as: how long you have been in business, whether you are in startup, growth or established phase.

    We will ask how many employees you have, what you sell, and how much profit you make on each sale, what other marketing activity is ongoing, where have you had success before.

    We’re not prying into your private information, we  need this data in order to understand what kind of PPC campaign you should adopt (there are more than you think), how much you should spend on your PPC campaign, how much you should bid for a click and finally what success looks like to you.

    Auditing your website

    When you first make contact with Dotwise, the first thing we do is examine your website. This is a first pass, not a forensic technical audit, but we will look at elements such as:

    • Home page layout
    • Structure (menus, navigation, headers and footers)
    • Internal pages
    • Fitness for purpose
    • Usability
    • Speed
    • Product/service landing pages

    We are doing this to see how ready your website environment is for running PPC campaigns and to gauge how much work your website may need to improve the environment and therefore the conversion rate.

    The conversion rate is the rate at which people take the actions you want them to take, which typically include actions such as:

    • Filling in an enquiry form
    • Using your chat facility to talk to you
    • Clicking an email address
    • Clicking a phone number
    • Watching a video
    • Signing up to a newsletter
    • Purchasing a product
    • Purchasing/downloading an App

    Or any other action relevant to your business.

    Auditing your PPC campaigns

    The next step we take is to audit your PPC campaigns – if you have any. We will therefore usually ask you to allow our email address access to your ads login (for example, Google Ads, Bing and Facebook). This will tell us what has worked and what we can improve on against your success criteria.

    Sharing your logins and access to your ads portals

    You can be assured that we take your security extremely seriously and store any passwords shared with us in a secure password vault (LastPass).

    We are also more than happy to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement or if you prefer, we can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement that is suitable for this level of access to your systems.

    PPC quotation
    PPC quotation

    Your PPC quotation

    Having thoroughly understood your needs, we’ll then start doing our own research. We are looking at:

    • Which of your competitors are paying for clicks
    • How much your competitors are paying for their campaigns
    • What the average click prices are in your industry
    • What the average conversion rates are in your industry

    How long before you get your quote?

    Gathering all the information we need about your business, your website and your existing campaigns can take a few days but usually less than one week. To be on the safe side, budget five working days before you receive your quotation.

    Your quotation will come in the form of a PDF document and will contain information about:

    • what we have learned about your business and conversions
    • a proposed budget for what you will need to spend on PPC and our service
    • what additional changes and improvements we feel we can make (both to your PPC accounts and your website)
    • what kind of conversion figures to expect and over what time period – we usually set these as our Key Performance Indicators so you can see how much value your campaign is adding to your business

    By the way, if we assess that we cannot make substantial improvements to your PPC campaign then we will let you know that we feel you’re already well on the way to success, and let you know any tweaks we would recommend.

    Starting your PPC campaign

    How long before from quotation to starting work?

    This is up to you but typically we can get started within a couple of working weeks. Occasionally we may be able to start in a few days.

    How long before the campaign starts?

    From starting work we would expect that your campaign would be ready within about one week to three weeks, depending on the level of complexity. We may need to make changes to your website and build landing pages for your ads.

    Here are some typical durations:

    There are other things that can add time to build your campaign. This includes whether new imagery is needed, photography, creatives, sign-offs on your side required, etc.

    Mobile phone ads
    Mobile phone ads

    How long before you start making profit from PPC?

    This question is a little harder to answer as not all PPC campaigns are starting from the same place. For example, one business might not have any PPC campaigns set up at all whereas another may already have campaigns that need optimisation.

    Realistic expectations in the first few months

    If your campaign is brand new, you should expect not to make profit from day one. There are many adjustments, refinements and optimisations that go into a great campaign but they all require data. This data we are interested in will include:

    • Quantity of impressions (the amount of times of your ad appears)
    • Quantity of clicks (how many times the searcher clicked your ad)
    • Click Through Rate (CTR:  the percentage of clicks compared to the impressions)
    • Conversion rate (CVR:  the percentage of conversions compared to the clicks)

    Because of this, we strongly recommend that almost all PPC campaigns be run for three months to give them time to accrue enough data to see where the optimisations are required and indeed whether it is worth using PPC at all. We also feel our performance should be recorded after the first three months – to establish a realistic benchmark.

    We say that if you cannot afford to consider the first three months’ worth of PPC spend as an experiment, then perhaps you are not ready to make money from PPC and should consider other forms of digital marketing such as SEO or social media.

    Measuring progress

    During these first weeks and months we will be keeping a very close eye on your campaigns. One great thing about PPC is that you set a budget cap, so you cannot exceed your desired spend. But even so, you definitely do not want to be over-bidding or bidding on keywords which are not relevant to your business. We monitor continuously to pick up these keywords and exclude them from your campaign bidding.

    We also stay in very regular contact with you to give you continual progress updates as to what is happening with your campaigns.

    Bar chart
    Bar chart

    Getting your PPC campaign into profit

    Clearly the goal of any PPC campaign is to drive conversions (or make money). This is done through getting users to take the actions you want them to take (see the section above on conversions).

    We hope that your campaign will come into profit before the three months is up, but this may not be the case – there may be other factors preventing the campaign from performing and these will need to be considered.

    You will be kept informed at all times throughout the first few weeks, as well as having your own direct access to your campaigns.

    We may advise you to increase or decrease budgets, increase your bids, focus on fewer campaigns, move your budget around between campaigns. Whatever the right course of action is, we’ll advise you and take the appropriate actions.

    Keeping your PPC campaign in profit

    PPC work doesn’t stop once your campaign is in profit. Competitors will be arriving all the time, and we monitor who you are bidding against, how much you are bidding, opportunities to save money, etc.

    This advice comes in two forms: reports and discussions.

    PPC reports

    You will be sent reports periodically. As PPC campaigns run from month to month we usually report once per month. We may build a dashboard for your project if you are a long-term customer and value this form of reporting.


    Reports are great, and fun to read. But the real value comes in our discussions with you. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we are not an arms-length team, we like to talk to you as often as possible. This will be by phone, email, Skype or if you are close by, face-to-face.

    These discussions are invaluable because they are our opportunity to learn:

    • What new leads are coming into your business from the PPC campaign
    • The quality and relevance of those leads for your business
    • Whether you are converting those leads into sales
    • Your current and near-term business focus


    In short here is what you can expect from your PPC campaign:

    • From initial contact to quotation: about one week
    • From signing up with Dotwise to campaign launch: between one and four weeks, depending on the complexity of your campaigns and your web environment.
    • From campaign launch to conversions (or profit): be prepared to wait at least three months. We will of course be doing everything we can to bring this time down.