Expert SEO in Chiswick

Dotwise has provided SEO services to businesses in Chiswick since 2013. Our services include expert consultancy and delivery of SEO, Pay-Per-Click marketing (digital advertising) and social media strategy and delivery.

Our friendly team are based in Kingston upon Thames and our knowledge of all areas of South West London means we can devise a local SEO campaign that really works. 

Chiswick High Road

Chiswick High Road

At Dotwise we understand that Chiswick businesses require local SEO experts. You need a team you can call on and meet with, face-to-face. Not some remote team or offshore company who will never understand the local community. 

It doesn't matter whether your business is a service business such as an accountancy firm, lawyer, estate agent, builder, plumber or electrician. Or whether you have a local shop or community enterprise. Whatever your project, we help local business to grow and thrive using all the tools in the digital toolbox, including SEOPPC, Google Ads, retargeting, remarketing and social media.

Case Study: Bathroom Eleven - SW London Bathroom Installer

We're proud to have helped brilliant local brands such as Bathroom Eleven, the local bathroom design and installation company. In this video, Bathroom Eleven's Ben Setterfield explains the experience of working with Dotwise. 

Bathroom Eleven Dotwise SEO Case Study from Dotwise on Vimeo.

Why do you need a local SEO team?

Because we understand the local environment. Our strategies for service companies are tailor-made for Chiswick businesses. For example, many businesses in this area want to draw most of their clientele from central London. But following the Coronavirus pandemic, thousands more people are now working away from Central London. Chiswick is no longer a "dormitory" town - where people leave in the morning and return to in the evening. This changing environment creates amazing opportunities for businesses to develop their local presence. 

By the same token, many local businesses like to stay north of the river, whilst others will venture further afield. The town's prosperous population, coupled with its proximity to other London localities of similar means, such as Sheen, Barnes, Kew and Richmond, make it an ideal candidate for startups wishing to serve wealthy customers in South West London.

For service businesses, the M4 being in easy reach means that the whole of West London, Berkshire, Surrey and beyond are easily accessible. High-yield clients are to be had throughout the whole of this region. 

Local SEO knowledge is vital for bricks-and-mortar companies or Service Area Businesses (those who do business at their clients' premises). That's why you need Dotwise on your team. 

Our office is in Surbiton, 2 minutes from the station and easily accessible from Kingston, Richmond and London. We’re a 20-minute train journey from Waterloo station.


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