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Local SEO is all about getting higher rankings in search for local businesses. It's a specialist skill, separate from national or international SEO.

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At Dotwise we're passionate about local SEO. It's a specialist area of SEO that requires very a different approach to national or international SEO.

We love local SEO because we know that it works. 

Why do SEO?

Businesses who invest over the long term in local SEO will save money, get more business and grow into more stable and sustainable companies. 

  • It's proven to work
  • Google themselves recommend working with an SEO agency
  • It helps to build stable, sustainable businesses

What's different about local SEO?

When users want to businesses that are near to them (either near to where they are at that moment or near to where live or work) they use local search terms. These are usually normal search keywords plus a geographical modifier. For example:

Non-local search Local search
vintage cars vintage cars near me
dry rot dry rot clapham
mens clothes mens clothes closest to me

The rise of "near me"

Interestingly, the rise of searches with the modifier "near me" has been impressive over the last few years. However, since 2018 it has slightly declined, as smartphone users have learned that when they are out and about, their phones will recognise that their searches have a local, commercial intent. 

Local SEO means real-life visits

Google's own studies have revealed that 34% of local searches result in store visits. That means that one in three people who search for local businesses end up visiting one. That's a very compelling reason to work on local SEO.

Our local specialisms

You don't have to be based in an specific town to be able to effectively do local SEO for that area.

For example, we're based in London but we can do local SEO for anywhere in the UK (or around the world) because the principles are the same. 

What kinds of businesses can benefit from local SEO?

There are two types of business that can benefit from local SEO. Service Area Businesses and bricks-and-mortar shops and stores. 

Service Area Businesses are those businesses which generally travel out from their headquarters and cover a defined geographical area. For example, a bathroom installation business might cover several counties.

The areas of coverage will vary from business to business, so your SEO team will need to be capable of understanding exactly where you operate. 

Bricks and mortar businesses, on the other hand, draw their customers to their premises, rather than going out to meet them. These types of businesses can also benefit from local SEO because they need to attract a continual supply of new visitors in order to grow. 


How can Dotwise help?

At Dotwise we have extensive experience working with local businesses. These include all types of trades such as electricians, plumbers, builders, dampproofing companies, window installers etc. 

We also help bricks-and-mortar businesses such as estate agents, lawyers, accountants, local shops, cafes and restaurants. 

Local SEO is all about getting your local business to rank in Google and other search engines. Higher rankings means more traffic - means more business!

Success stories

We have dozens of happy customers. Here's an example of how we helped local bathroom installer Bathroom Eleven zoom to the top of Google for many local searches. Find out more in this video. 


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