SEO for Twickenham Businesses

Dotwise has provided SEO services to businesses in Twickenham since 2016. Our services include expert consultancy and delivery of SEO, PPC marketing (digital advertising) and social media strategy and delivery.

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Dotwise is a local SEO agency headquartered near Twickenham, with a great track record of helping small and medium-sized businesses in and around the town to succeed online. 

Success story: Bathroom Eleven

We're very proud to have helped brilliant local brands such as Bathroom Eleven, the local bathroom design and installation company. In this video, Bathroom Eleven's Ben Setterfield explains the experience of working with Dotwise. 

Bathroom Eleven Dotwise SEO Case Study from Dotwise on Vimeo.

Our office is in Surbiton, 2 minutes from the station and easily accessible from Kingston, Richmond and London. We’re a 20-minute train journey from Waterloo station.

Our experience of the area

When working on local SEO it's really important to have a great knowledge of the local area. Fortunately we are headquartered very close to Twickenham and have worked with local clients in the town. 

Twickenham is a prosperous and thriving suburban community in West London. It's part of the London commuter belt, but Coronavirus has meant that recently far more local residents are working from home. This presents an opportunity for local businesses to serve the newly-centred local community in ways that were never before possible. 

What's unique about Twickenham SEO?

To get the best value from your campaign it's vital to understand the local community and how it functions, especially with regard to how people search for businesses in the local area. 

For example, Twickenham is surrounded by several "villages": St Margarets, Strawberry Hill, Whitton, Strawberry Hill and other smaller vicinities such as Eel Pie Island (with its storied musical and cultural history). 

So it's worth knowing that when searching locally, people often use keyphrases such as accountants in Twickenham rather than (for example) accountants in West London.

What county is Twickenham in?

An intruiging question - and one which makes SEO strategy for the area quite unique. Officially it is part of Greater London. But historically it was part of the county of Middlesex. And local people frequently think of the town as part of Middlesex. Some people mistakenly feel that Twickenham is part of Surrey. And yet more people think of it as part of South West London (which is not any kind of official area). So when it comes to SEO its really important to know the history and associations of the area! 

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