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Google Ad Grants Management and Support

Google Ad Grants is a fantastic grant offered by Google to non-profits, charities, lobbying groups and others in the third sector. 

It allows these group to use the Google Ads system without paying. The grants available range from $10,000 to $40,000 per year in the UK. 

Partner with Dotwise to gain access to years of experience managing millions of pounds of Ad Grants budget.

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    Applying for the Ad Grant

    Application for the grants is a process which we recommend getting specialist advice on.

    Not all applicants are accepted and there is an application procedure which is aimed at weeding out spurious applications.

    Contact Dotwise for advice and support for your successful application. 

    Maintaining the Ad Grant

    Once you have been accepted for the Ad Grants programme, you can start advertising.

    But your spend will be closely monitored by Google to ensure it is being spent wisely and effectively, and to ensure it does not conflict with commercial searches that Google can monetise more profitably. 

    Again we strongly recommend working with an experienced Ad Grants agency who understand the platform, the monitoring and reporting requirements and conversion tracking necessary to maintain the grant. 

    Working with Dotwise

    Dotwise was established in 1999 as a specialist digital marketing agency. We have worked with many charities and third sector groups over the years. 

    During this time we’ve managed many millions of pounds of Ad Grants budget, successfully delivering thousands of leads, donations and followers to the charities. 

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