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Your landing page can be the difference between a sale and no-sale. In digital marketing, every click counts.

Don't let the first page your customer sees be the last.

Partner with Dotwise to gain access to years of experience managing millions of pounds of Ad Grants budget.

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    At Dotwise, we have years of experience in expert landing page design. Whatever you sell, sales can be boosted by improvements in the design, speed, usability and layout of the landing page. 

    Key features of a great landing page

    Ideally your landing page could be the only page in your website that your customer ever sees. It could and should answer every question the customer may have or provide a quick and easy way to navigate to that information. 

    Value proposition

    A value proposition is a simple, one-phrase statement of why the customer should buy your product or service above your competitors. It needs to say in just a few words, what the benefit of buying from you will be. 

    Call to action

    The call-to-action tells the customer what to do next. The must not be left to guess what to do next, they must be guided into taking the action you want them to take.

    This could be anything from filling in your form, dialling your phone number, WhatsApping you, or simply purchasing the product right off the page.

    Whatever action you want your customer to take it should be crystal clear and there must be nothing standing in the way of your customer taking that action. 

    Conversion tracking

    Digital marketing without measurement is useless. Every time your customer takes a measurable action, it must be tracked and counted.

    We develop and install conversion tracking systems from the simple (e.g., counting clicks or basket-adds) to the sophisticated such as funnel tracking. 

    Questions answered

    Let’s face it, your customer is looking for reasons not to buy from you, because they do not want to make a bad decision. They may have many questions to answer.

    The landing page must answer as many of the leading questions as possible, or enable very easy navigation to the answers. 

    What happens next

    Once the call-to-action has been completed, it’s vital that the customer has no doubts over what happens next. Their expectations must be set in terms of delivery times, response times, method of delivery or response. 

    We’re platform agnostic

    Platforms we design landing pages for:

    WordPress (all themes including Divi, Avada and any others), Umbraco, Drupal, Joomla. All other CMS systems supported, as well as custom-coded websites. 


    If you want great design with unbeatable technical background, contact us for further information. 

    Working with Dotwise

    Dotwise was established in 1999 as a specialist digital marketing agency. 

    Since then we’ve worked with hundreds of clients and designed over 100 websites and thousands of web pages. 

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