Professional Blog Writing

Dotwise provides professional blog writing services - blog articles and white papers written with passion, energy and accuracy.

Blog writing in an essential part of any SEO strategy. Our professional blog writing services are designed to support your SEO, increase your Google rankings and drive qualified traffic to your website.Blog research

We have written and published over 250 blog articles for clients, and we produce around 10 more articles each month.

Most blog articles are a minimum 750 words in length. This can increase to around 2000 words for white papers.

How we write articles

Each article is meticulously researched either through interviews with your business most knowledgeable experts or through our own research. We also incorporate information already present in your website or business materials.

Subject-matter expert interview

Interviewing your subject-matter experts is one of the ways we raise our writing way above the standard that is SEO companies can usually deliver.

InterviewWe will liaise with your team to identify the person within your company that is most knowledgeable about the subject of the blog article we're writing. Then we will arrange a time and date on which to interview that person - in person or by phone or Skype - about the blog subject.

This in-depth conversation will usually take about 20 minutes of your time and is an enjoyable conversation.

This technique provides our writer with the information needed to provide an in-depth, rich, accurate and compelling blog article.

Are the blog articles written for SEO?

Our blog articles are not written for SEO. They are written for the reader and crafted to encourage maximum sharing online. Each article fits perfectly into the SEO strategy and the title, content and theme are planned usually weeks to months in advance.

Our articles are not "spun". They are human-written by professional writers, most of whom write for a living and have huge experience.


Most articles are accompanied with relevant imagery which we identify. Images are sourced through your own media library, through our accounts with royalty-free online image libraries such as Shutterstock and Dreamstime or created especially in-house. All images will professionally reflect the subject matter in hand. We can also take photos of your products, team and premises if required.

Images for blog articles

Any topic covered

We can write blog posts on almost any topic. Are you wondering whether it is possible for an outside company to provide expert, detailed and accurate blog posts? We can!

We do this through a combination of long experience, journalistic standards and techniques and strong editorial standards.

Our articles have covered topics including art, sport, construction industry news, digital marketing, hotel management, local community events and many more. There is no subject we cannot tackle.

Professional blog writing


All our articles are carefully planned weeks or months in advance. They fit with the blog calendar which we will produce. The blog calendar is derived from your current business focus.

For example, in the first quarter of your business year, you may be focussed on the launch of a new product range. In the second quarter, you may want to boost sales of a flagging product. In the third quarter you may be attending an exhibition or conference. And in the last quarter you may want be launching a new service.

Once we understand these priorities, our SEO strategy for you will be planned to support these activities.

We will deliver a blog calendar which includes blog articles at exactly the right time, pre-planned and written to co-ordinate perfectly with your business focus.


We are committed to using blogging to support SEO because we know that it gets excellent results. Blogging can drive your website to the top of search engine results. Providing the articles are regular, planned, on-topic and strategic, blogging can keep your site ahead of the competition for many years.