SEO for Accountants and Accountancy Firms

Dotwise is a specialist in helping accountants and bookkeeping companies reach the top of Google Search

At Dotwise we have built a deep understanding of SEO for accountants and bookkeeping companies. We work to improve their ranking in search engines. We recognise the unique and particular needs of the accounting sector.

Whether you operate locally, nationally or are part of a group of accountants, we can help with a programme of improvements that target your specific specialisms and speak directly to your target market.

What’s unique about accountancy SEO?

All accountants have specialisms and most have a unique customer base.

Your firm might specialise in commercial, private, or public sector accounting. Your customers might be start-ups, SMEs, corporates or high net worth individuals. Whatever your situation, we’re experienced in helping accountancy firms rise up the search rankings to get more leads and enquiries.

Each specialism needs separate consideration when optimising for search. Other things that play a part in our overall strategy are:

  • Accountancy firms provide services locally, nationally or in a certain geographical zone. Local and national SEO requires a different approach.
  • Sometimes the same accountancy firm will operate locally for one specialism and nationally for another. This requires a special SEO approach.
  • SEO is a tactic employed as part of the wider marketing strategy for accountancy firms, which may also include local or national press advertising, digital advertising and social media. The SEO approach must dovetail into this overall marketing strategy.
  • The goal for SEO is typically to generate leads from the website either form-fills or phone calls, these can then be converted by the accountancy firm.
  • Accountancy firms require clear and professional language to be used whilst at the same time presenting a friendly and approachable tone of voice.

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Our approach

Through meetings (face-to-face, phone or Skype) we learn about you, your company, its history and business goals.

We gain a thorough understanding of your accountancy specialisms and where SEO fits into your current marketing activities.

Case study

Let’s have a look at an example of the kind of results we are looking to achieve and over what timescales.

For this client, we began work on 1st May 2018. A dramatic uplift in both search positions and qualified relevant traffic immediately ensued.

Immediate SEO improvement

Having seen the search rankings explode, we then began our process of continual monitoring and reporting. We made many further optimisations and achieved even more #1 positions in Google after our initial success. We have kept this website high in the search results to this day.Uplift in traffic to the website

Better search rankings is not the overall goal of SEO, but it is a step to obtaining increased qualified, relevant traffic to the website. As you can see from the above chart, the success of the SEO was accompanied by a terrific uplift in qualified traffic. This has dramatically improved the business’ bottom line.

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About us

Founded in 1999, Dotwise has been at the cutting edge of web technology for nearly two decades.

We began delivering SEO services in 2007, and have had stellar success optimising client’s site for a huge range of keywords in a range of markets.

Our specialism in SEO for accountants comes from working for long periods with financial firms throughout the UK.

Meet your SEO specialist

Your SEO specialist is Gordon Smith, who has been an internet professional for twenty years and is considered one of the best brains in the SEO business today. Find out more about the Dotwise team here.


Prices start at just £450 + VAT per month.

There is no long-term contract and you can cancel at any time.