Social media is a vital part of your marketing strategy. But do you have the time, dedication and expertise to devote to it?

Right now our starter package social media posting service (Dotstart) prices start at just £195 per month! Keep this price forever if you buy today. 

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Social media posting service

Dotstart is our simple social media posting service.

Coming up with new ideas of what to post every day can be difficult. With Dotstart, we take the hassle out of daily social media creation and posting away from you. Now you can concentrate on delighting your customers. 

Up to 5 posts per week optimised for up to three different platforms. 

  • No-risk money-back guarantee (see below for details).
  • Fees are exclusive of VAT.

Find out all about the Dotstart social media posting service

With our fully-managed social media service you get the posting service plus social followers development, customer engagement, strategy and content calendar. 

It's a completely bespoke and customised service dedicated to your specific requirements.

Includes audience research, hashtag research, competitor research and monitoring and free digital dashboard to monitor your performance. 

£price varies

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Example posts

Here's some of Instagram and Twitter posts to whet your appetite



What is Dotstart?

It's simply the easiest, most hassle-free to keep your social media fresh and exciting at all times, without you having to lift a finger!

How does the Dotstart service work?

Simple! We scour your website for the latest and best material to post about. 

It could be your products, services or upcoming events.

We'll find the juiciest angle to take to make it sound as interesting and relevant to your audience as possible.

Then, we'll create amazing, creative social media posts and release them onto your chosen platforms!

Who creates the posts?

Our experienced, UK-based team of social media creatives. 

What is the Dotstart No-Risk Guarantee?

The Dotstart No-Risk Guarantee is our way of ensuring that there is zero risk to you in trying the service.

Here's how it works.

If, in the first month, you are not 100% satisfied, then we will refund 100% of your fees. Then, in subsequent months, you can cancel at any time and we'll refund you pro-rata for the unused portion of the month.


So there is no risk of you being anything except 100% satisfied!

Can I see some samples of the kind of social media posts you create?

Of course, we have some examples on this page, and tons more examples here.

Can I choose which platforms to post to?

Yes! You can choose up to three from the following platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube.

If you want to post to another platform, just ask. We may be able to accommodate.

What days of the week will you post on?

Although we create your posts during the working week, they will be scheduled to go live on the days you choose.

What if I want more than one post per day?

Just talk to us about the Dotgrow service. We'll tailor-make a posting regime to your exact requirements.

Where will you get the information you need to post to social media?

We will take it from a) your website b) any additional information you send us by email. If it is on your website, we will post about it!

We may also post relevant industry news, but always personalised to your business.

Where will you get the images?

We will use: a) any images that are currently live on your website or b) any images you have already posted to social media or c) images from our fully-licensed image-bank. In the case of images we get from you, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are fully licensed.

Can I pre-approve the posts before they go live?

With Dotgrow it's not possible to provide a pre-approval process. That would slow the posting down.

Instead, we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you know you'll always be operating risk-free.

Who does the copyright belong to?

The copyright in the delivered posts belongs to you as long as your account is in credit. We don't claim any copyright over it at all.

What if I don't like the posts?

We are sure you'll love the posts. But if, for any reason, you don't like a specific post, you may delete it. (Do let us know what you didn't like about it).

What if you post something that's incorrect?

Any information we take from your website or other online presence will be deemed to be correct.

If, in the extremely unlikely event that we make a factual error, then we will delete that post and create another one free of charge.

What if I want to cancel?

Simply log into your dashboard and click cancel. We'll stop posting straight away and refund any unused credit to your account.

How do I start?

Just fill out this form and we will start posting today!


Social media posting service

Get started with Dotstart and solve your social media posting problems, today.

Contact us about Dotgrow - the custom-made social media management package. 


What is social media management?

Social media management is a service which provides social media posting, strategy, audience research, audience building and reporting. 

The aim is to help the client business to grow their presence online through gaining more followers via social media, then engaging and nurturing those followers to become fans or customers. 

What kinds of businesses use the service?

It's especially useful to small businesses, startups and mid-sized businesses who do not have the resources to employ a full-time social media manager.

Will it be suitable for my business?

There's every chance that outsourcing your social media will prove very cost-effective. Like other digital services, it's a service which is often best left to professional suppliers rather than trying to manage the service yourself. 

What are the key advantages?

  1. Social media management can save you time (which is the same as saving as you money).
  2. It can give you peace of mind, knowing that your social networks are being nurtured and monitored and any problems that occur will be reported to you. 
  3. Because social media benefits from consistent (preferably daily) attention, but business owners are often unable to provide this regular, consistent approach as running their businesses take precedence. 

Which social networks are right for your business?

Wondering which social networks are right for your business? The golden rule to win business via social media is to be where your customers are. Let's take a look at some of the biggest choices for business social media. 

Instagram management

In the UK there are about 26 million Instagram users. About 75% of those are in the 18-35 age bracket. So it's a platform popular with younger users and millennials. It's also famously popular with influencers. 

As a primarily visual platform, Instagram lends itself particularly well to businesses who sell things that can be photographed beautifully such as food, clothing, furniture, home and garden supplies. It's great for B2C companies who provide in-home services. 

It is not quite as well suited to businesses who provide professional services or B2B businesses. 


The giant of the social media scene, Facebook has well over 2 billion users worldwide. A general purpose platform which supports photo, video, text content and live streaming. 

Users on Facebook are mostly de-anonymised and use their accounts under their own names. A great all-round platform for businesses whose content can be delivered via images or video or by interacting in Facebook groups. Many businesses use Facebook Live for immediate impact. 

Facebook also has a very mature advertising platform, allowing tight audience definition and good value for ad spend. 


Pinterest is a platform almost entirely dedicated to images. If your business sells things that can be photographed beautifully then Pinterest could be the platform for you. 

Businesses which thrive on Pinterest include interior designers, artists, retailers of home and garden products, clothing, furniture, food and drink. 

Businesses which may be better off choosing a different platform include professional services such as legal services, B2B services etc. 


Where the other networks listed above are very well suited for B2C businesses, LinkedIn is the platform of choice for B2B marketing. 

With a particular focus on person-to-person marketing, professionals and service providers can be discovered on LinkedIn easily.