New Product But No Sales - How We Fixed It

The client introduced a new product but got no sales from their website. Here's how we fixed it.

The challenge

A business owner told us that they were running a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign. The phone was ringing but they weren’t getting any leads from the website, especially for one of their new products. Could we fix it?

The website was loading fast and had strong product pages for all of their products including the new product but the ads weren't getting many conversions. No sales = unhappy client.

The solution

First, we requested access to the client’s Google Ads and Google Analytics account.  From this we were able to get a picture of the current situation.


We audited the pages which the ads were pointing to and found there wasn’t a clear call to action (CTA) on the website product pages. The product information was strong, but there was nothing telling the customer what to do next.

Restructuring the Google Ads accounts

From the Google Ads account we could see that although there were campaigns running, there needed to be some housekeeping of the campaigns and ad groups. Google recommend that the campaign structure mirrors the website - otherwise campaigns can run inefficiently. Some reorganisation was needed. Secondly, reorganised the ad groups to keep closely related keywords together in groups. This is so that we can analyse which keywords are working and which are not. The keyword needs to appear both in the ad text and on the website's landing page for maximum impact.

Creating new landing pages built for high conversion rates

We created new landing pages for the new product's ads campaign.  There were three ad groups, so we created three corresponding landing pages to mirror these ad groups.

When the keyword, ad text and landing page is aligned the keyword scores a higher Quality Score.  Quality Score is a metric calculated by Google to assess the quality of your ad. A high Quality Score can reduce the price of your clicks. An ad with a high Quality Score can attain a higher position in the search results at a lower cost. So we are continually looking for ways to raise the Quality Score of client's ads.

Finally, we installed conversion tracking so we could measure the number of actions visitors performed on the website. There is no point running a costly ad campaign without measuring the results. Also all clients are naturally very interested in seeing the increase in leads, conversions or sales.

The impact

Our client began to see an increase in contact form completions and phone calls. Through the conversion tracking we were able to measure and report the exact percentage increase. This provided the client with a measurable return on their investment into Google Ads.

In addition, our client liked the style and design of the landing pages, especially the clear descriptions, great photography and clear calls to action. Our client could see from the increased activity on the website that these landing pages were working, so mirrored the theme across other product pages.

The impact of the solution was not only increased revenue from Google Ads, but increased revenue from other product ranges and increased organic search from the new product pages.