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We look after hundreds of websites every month. Why not make yours one of them?

Dotwise takes the hassle out of running your business website

If you are a UK based small business owner that relies on a website to generate leads, educate customers, or manage orders – but you don’t have the understanding or resources to guarantee everything is working effectively, 24/7 ...

... we have some great news

The team at London-based Dotwise offer a complete, hassle and jargon free professional website maintenance service for a low-cost monthly fee that includes everything you need for peace of mind.

The problem is, sites that are left to their own devices, are rarely updated, or lack robust security and daily monitoring, are prone to crashing, hacking or worse.

That’s why Dotwise provides all your maintenance requirements under one roof, from superfast, secure, error-free websites that are ready to rank higher on Google … to monthly performance reporting and backups … all for less than a daily cappuccino!

Plus, a dedicated UK-based support team that speaks your language, available 24/7.

As you can see, whatever platform you operate on, Dotwise provides the right solution to get the most from your website.

We take care of

  • Backup and restore testing
  • Speed and uptime
  • Updates and fixes
  • Plain-English tech support
  • Advice and recommendations

See all features in detail

Perfect for

Small businesses

Whether your business is an e-commerce store, lead generator or just an information site, you need maxmium support.


We'll help your business get off to a flying start making sure your site runs fast and error-free during the critical startup phase.


Charities and NGOs also need expert support and professional help.


Monthly upkeep and maintenance

The heart of our service is our monthly backup, updates and security check service. We take offsite backups of your website, rebuild them offline to test they are working properly, and update your website software.

Continual updates is key to keeping your site error-free and as safe from hackers as possible.

Site speed optimisation

A slow website drives customers away and can impact your ranking in Google. No matter where you host your website, Dotwise will ensure that your site is running at the maximum possible speed.

Security maintenance

All websites are vulnerable to bring corrupted and becoming unrepairable. We combat this by monitoring your website hosting backups and taking our own monthly backup which is held issue for security. We use this backup to carry out a test rebuild of your site every month to ensure your backups can be restored in there event if disaster.

All this for just
£80 per month

£96 inc. VAT

That's less than a cappuccino a day!

Within 24 hours your dedicated account manager will be in touch to get your website details, discuss any special requirements and answer any questions.

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Features in detail

Monthly offsite backup Backing up your website is a vital business continuity task. But you cannot rely on the backups provided by your hosting company. We take a physical backup of your website and data every month, then rebuild it on our offsite servers to ensure your backup is restorable.
Security updates

Hackers never stop trying. Every hour of every day your site is under attack from hackers around the world trying to find vulnerabilities in your website.

Your website needs up-to-date security to keep the hackers at bay. We ensure all your security plugins are up-to-date and operating in accordance with security best-practice. 

Plugin updates

Your website typically has many plugins or modules that give it the features you need such as forms, charts, popups, e-commerce and more.

These plugins need continual updating to ensure they are up-to-date, both for security reasons and to ensure you get all the latest features.

Updating plugins is risky and can damage your site if not done professionally. We test any problematic plugin updates offsite before applying them to your site. 

WordPress core updates

If your site runs on WordPress, we apply core updates at least once per month.

Major version updates will be tested using offsite first so there is minimal risk of these updates causing any disruption to your live site. 

24x7x365 website monitoring

We monitor your website every 5 minutes from multiple locations around the UK or around the world. We're looking for evidence of downtime, slow running, hacking or defacement.

At the first sign of trouble our alarms will tell us to swing into action and do whatever is necessary to get your site back online. 

Monthly performance report

We compile a report of all work done on your site, plus vital performance data, and send to you once per month. You'll know exactly what we did and what problems we encountered, together with a professional webmaster's opinion on how well your site is running.

Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) monitoring and maintenance

Google provide Webmaster Tools (also known as Search Console) to help site owners understand how Google views the website in search.

We monitor your Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) for signs of trouble flagged up by Google. We investigate and recommend a solution for any problems alerted by Google.

In many cases we can implement small fixes immediately. In more complex cases we'll let you have our recommendations for fixing the issue. 

Proactive investigation

We proactively investigate and fix and problems where possible. Where problems are more complex we'll provide a recommended solution and discuss with you first. 

Friendly voice on the end of the phone

Perhaps our most valuable service is simply the presence of a friendly, professional webmaster available to you at all times for you to ask questions, get recommendations and discuss your plans with. 

We look after hundreds of websites. Whatever your plans or problems, we'll have seen it before and know the solutions. 


All website systems supported

No matter how your site is built, we'll support it! Systems include: