Website Maintenance

At Dotwise, we understand the amount of time, effort, and training it takes to keep your website fresh, up-to-date and looking great. Not to mention keeping your site secure from hackers and making sure it’s professionally backed up and fully recoverable at all times.

It all eats into your profits.

So why not offload your website updates and maintenance to a friendly, UK-based team of professional webmasters who have the experience and training to provide business-class website maintenance?

And our maintenance packages start at just £99 + VAT per month!

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How it works

Backup and Restore

We not only backup your website’s database and web files, but we restore it locally (on our servers) to ensure the backup is fully functional.

With the backup and restore service, we will be able to restore your website fully if it ever goes down.

Security Updates

Updating your website can be a hassle, but we make it easy for you.

Once a month (after we have backed up your site) we check the core and all plugins on your site for updates and apply them. We then check the site to ensure none of the updates have negatively affected it.

24X7 Monitoring

We monitor your website every second of every day to check for downtime or hacking.

We use the best-of-class monitoring software to monitor from multiple locations around the world and can provide monthly downtime reports. We can also liaise with your host to resolve any issues as they arise.

Web Development

If you need a new site, or if you wish to freshen up an existing site, our team at Dotwise is ready to help.

We specialise in WordPress development but are adaptable and can help you no matter which content management system you are currently using.

What we offer

Website Maintenance

This plan offers:

  • Monthly manual backup and test restore of your site
  • Monthly security updates for your site’s core and plugins
  • Full manual restore of your website if anything goes wrong
  • 24x7x365 website uptime monitoring
  • Monthly uptime report showing speed, availability and outages
  • Unlimited liaison with your hosting company
  • Friendly, jargon-free tech support from our London office


Per month + VAT

Web Development

Need more than just the basics?

Our web development team can help you get your website looking exactly how you want. From new builds to rebuilds, we can do it all.

Maybe you want to have just an hour or two each month for emergency development, or the occasional support adding a new page or functionality to your site, well we can offer that as well.

Our Web Development packages are tailor-made to your needs, so give us a ring or send us an email so we can help determine what is best for you.

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