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We look after hundreds of websites. We'd love to look after yours.

Dotwise takes the hassle out of managing your website

If you are a UK based business owner that relies on a website to generate leads, educate customers, or manage orders – but you don’t have the understanding or resources to guarantee everything is working effectively, 24/7, we have some great news.

The team at London-based Dotwise offer a complete, hassle and jargon free professional website maintenance service for a low-cost monthly fee that includes everything you need for peace of mind.

The problem is, sites that are left to their own devices, are rarely updated, or lack robust security and daily monitoring, are prone to crashing, hacking or worse.

That’s why Dotwise provides all your maintenance requirements under one roof, from superfast, secure, error-free websites that are ready to rank higher on Google … to monthly performance reporting and backups … all for less than a daily cappuccino!

Plus, a dedicated UK-based support team that speaks your language, available 24/7.

As you can see, whatever platform you operate on, Dotwise provides the right solution to get the most from your website.


    What customers are saying

    Udari Wickremasinghe
    Udari Wickremasinghe
    January 31, 2024
    Gordon took time to explain the intricacies around SEO. As a small business owner who does not have specialist knowledge around the matter, I genuinely appreciate his patience and skill in the subject. I now realize its not just having a pretty website but there is a lot more to it. Especially if you want to be found online. I can Highly Recommend Gordon.
    David Randall
    David Randall
    January 29, 2024
    Thank you to Dotwise for supporting Surbiton Business Community and Maple Works too as one of the SBC members. Dotwise has created a wonderful platform for engagement between SMEs and users/customers to grow the local economy!
    Pascale Fabre
    Pascale Fabre
    December 8, 2023
    I found Gordon super helpful and full of insight. I was looking for SEO support and advice for my business website and my ranking has improved enormously! Trying to stay visible online can feel like a huge challenge for a creative like me and I’m so pleased for the help Dotwise provided. Every online business needs Dotwise!
    John Francis
    John Francis
    March 22, 2022
    We found Dotwise to be a thoroughly professional and agreeable company. Their attention to detail was meticulous. Thoroughly recommend
    Robb Shingles
    Robb Shingles
    June 14, 2021
    I've worked with Gordon and the team at Dotwise for a number of years now on various SEO projects. Dotwise have been an exceptionally valuable asset, providing expertise, sound technical advice and a reliable service. More importantly, after only a few months work, we are able to demonstrate positive ROI. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Dotwise.
    Joey G
    Joey G
    June 3, 2021
    Really pleased with the outstanding and friendly customer service I received recently from Dotwise when fixing technical issues with my website. The team are highly skilled, fast, efficient and reliable when resolving IT related issues which deliver excellent results. I would definitely work with them again
    Diane Wilson
    Diane Wilson
    May 20, 2021
    Very happy with the help and advice we received from Gordon at Dotwise. We came looking for help after a disastrous upgrade on WordPress and had calm and constructive advice so the upgrade problems were righted quickly and effectively. Some tips on updating the website have also been much appreciated as was Gordon’s tact in dealing with our lack of formal IT background, as an educational charity for Third Agers we have enthusiasm but still need help with technology.
    Alex Wilkie
    Alex Wilkie
    February 25, 2021
    A positive experience woking with Gordon of Dotwise. The SEO Audit we requested was fully explained and has given us the information to help move our customers website up the index rankings to increase online sales.
    Ravi Chauhan
    Ravi Chauhan
    September 18, 2020
    Dotwise are fantastic to work with, helping us start our SEO strategy. Their keyword targeting and advice helped us get a Google featured snippet for a term we were targeting.
    Andrew Mostert
    Andrew Mostert
    August 18, 2020
    The Dotwise team took on our large marketing project at short notice for our rapidly expanding startup. They built the technical infrastructure to monitor leads and conversions from our website as well as building our ad campaigns. The team were incredibly responsive and helped us get going with digital marketing very quickly.

    Perfect for


    Whether your business is an e-commerce store, lead generator or just an information site, you need maximum support.


    We'll help your business get off to a flying start making sure your site runs fast and error-free during the critical startup phase.


    Charities and NGOs also need expert support and professional help. We're love supporting non-profits.


    Website management

    To keep your site safe and secure from hackers, it needs monthly updates and maintenance. So we take a monthly backup of your website, rebuild it offline to test it is working, and only then update your website software. This programme of backups, updates and testing is a tried-and-tested way of keeping your site safe and error-free.

    Speed and uptime

    Slow websites drive customers away and speed can impact your ranking in Google. No matter where you host your website, Dotwise will ensure that your site is running at the maximum possible speed. We continually measure your site speed, carry out Google-recommended optimisations every month, and report back to you.

    Security and bug fixes

    Website security is top of our agenda. We have over 20 years' experience of keeping websites secure from hacking and data theft. Website security is a complex and ever-changing world. With Dotwise by your site, you can rest easy knowing that your site security is being proactively looked after.

    All this from just £80 per month

    £96 per month inc. VAT. That’s less than a cappuccino a day! ☕

    Essentials Plan

    All the essentials, plus professional support and updates
    £ 80 Monthly, plus VAT
    • Backups
    • Security updates
    • Plugin updates
    • Website content updates
    • WordPress core updates
    • 24x7x7365 website monitoring
    • Monthly performance report
    • Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) monitoring and response
    • Proactive problem fixes
    • Free professional SEO advice
    • Friendly telephone support
    • Anytime cancellation (30 days' notice)
    • Monthly rolling contract - no lock-in

    Growth Plan

    Everything in the Essentials plan, plus more professional development and support time
    £ 159 Monthly, plus VAT
    • ↖ All the Essentials plus ...
    • Extra 2 hours of professional development time
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    WordPress maintenance

    Drupal maintenance

    Umbraco maintenance

    Don’t see your platform here? Not a problem! We support all website builders and platforms.


    Yes! We understand that website maintenance and hosting go hand in hand. So business class web hosting comes absolutely free with our website management service.

    However, you can also host your website with any provider you like. The choice is yours. 

    Yes, definitely. Our view is that online services should be as easy to cancel as they are to sign up to. One button, no questions, and full support with offboarding at any time. 

    We only require that you provide us with 30 days’ notice so that we can complete the offboarding in a professional way and finish tasks we have scheduled for you.

    Yes, we are a London-based website maintenance service. All our team live and work in the local area. We do not outsource any website management services outside the UK.

    You will generally give us a user account to work on your website, and that account will only log in from London or the UK because that’s where our company is based.

    The purpose of website management services is to look after existing website rather than build new ones. However, if you would like a new site built, we can certainly recommend the best, most experienced designers in the UK from our extensive network of experts.

    Yes! At Dotwise we do three things: website management and maintenance, paid search services and SEO.

    At Dotwise, SEO is not an “add-on”, it’s an integral part of everything we do. We can demonstrate massive success in our decades of experience.

    Therefore as part of our website maintenance service, we build SEO monitoring and maintenance into the  core service, whilst also offering top tips to grow and develop your website.

    You’ll love our passion for SEO and you’ll be amazed at the results.

    Around 40% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, and around 80% of our customers use this brilliant Content Management System. We are big fans of WordPress and have been using it for almost as long as it has been around. 

    So the answer to this question is a big YES!

    The typical monthly maintenance package for WordPress involves updating plugins, investigating security alerts, monitoring the site for speed and uptime, investigating alerts from Google, taking offsite backups and more. 

    We of course keep your website at the very latest version at all times. We always test upgrading your site on an offline, staging copy of your website before applying updates to the WordPress core itself, in the case of major version updates. 

    For example, if a new version of WordPress is released such as 6.4.2 -> 7.0, then we will always test this upgrade offline to ensure your website can be upgraded without problems. 

    Again, the answer is a big yes! Around 50% of our customers use WooCommerce to provide e-commerce capabilities to their websites. 

    From simple products to ones with thousands of variations, from physical stock to virtual and downloadable items, we can help you sell anything you can dream of.

    What’s more, we can customise your WooCommerce templates, appearance, shipping configuration, upsells, cross-sells, shipping by weight or volume (or both), discounts, uploading feeds to Google Shopping and many other shopping platforms, integrating and maintaining payment systems from Stripe to PayPal, Klarna to Woo payments. 

    Whatever your customers want to buy, we’ll help you set your site up to sell it to them in the easiest and friendliest possible way.

    Yes, we can certainly maintain any plugin that you have had built by a third party, that is not available through the WordPress official plugin store.

    We ourselves have built many custom WordPress plugins for clients, including plugins for marketing, conversion tracking, automatically downloading data and displaying it, custom post types, custom fields. The possibilities are endless, so contact us and give us a try. 

    Friendly, experienced, advice, support and consultancy are at the heart of everything we do. 

    Dotwise was founded in 1999 and we have done nothing but website building, maintenance and marketing ever since. 

    As a result we have experience of hundreds of websites, from small to vast, static to data driven, and built using a huge range of technologies from WordPress to Umbraco to Drupal, ASP.NET, static HTML and almost every other technology you can think of. 

    We believe our advice and experience will prove invaluable to your business as we help you to grow and thrive online. 

    Our standard monthly service is £80 + VAT per month. We think you’ll be amazed at how much work we can get done every month at this incredible price. 

    We have other options available on request if this service doesn’t meet your needs for any reason. 

    We encourage you to call us today to discuss your exact requirements with an experienced UK-based website professional. On this call we can explore your current situation, what your site maintenance needs (for example, urgent fixes vs long-term goals) and then arrive at a price that works for you and is sustainable for us.

    Although the vast majority of situations are covered by our £80 offering, we are always delighted to talk through your site and, if necessary, tailor-make a package of updates that suits you.

    Yes, that’s exactly what we’re here for. We love fixing websites just as a mechanic loves to fix cars. What’s more, despite the hundreds of broken websites we’ve been presented with, we have not found one we cannot fix yet!

    The majority of our customers use one of the main website builders, such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Umbraco, Weebly, Squarespace, Drupal or Webflow. We are competent and experienced if fixing all these types of sites. 

    Within the WordPress world, the most common site builders are Gutenberg (the WordPress full site editor), Elementor, Brix, Divi, Avada, Visual Composer, WP Bakery Page Builder and Beaver Builder. We have developed and maintained websites using all of these systems, so whichever builder you choose, we will definitely be able to work with it.

    If your site is built using a different website builder, that’s just fine, we’ll be delighted to take a look at it and, no doubt, we can fix it. 

    Even if your site is built using static HTML/CSS, we are still able to fix any problem you might bring us. 

    We are so confident, that if for any reason we are unable to fix it, we’ll give your money back with no questions asked.

    We do not support email accounts or email issues. Ours is a website maintenance service.

    If you are having email issues, we advise you to approach one of the “big two” email providers, Gmail or Microsoft. No other email providers can come close in terms of service, reliability and support, so we don’t provide email services. 

    If you’re ready to get started, simply click the big yellow button above and sign up. 

    Within a few hours an experienced webmaster will be in touch to talk through your website setup and your overall goals for this service. 

    The onboarding process will then start.

    This includes:

    1. Getting access to your website. 
    2. Taking an offsite backup.
    3. Security audit and security fixes.
    4. Setting up your website uptime monitoring and alert system.
    5. Initial website updates and report to you.

    Looking at these steps in details, here’s what will happen.

    1 Getting access to your website

    For this we will need:

    • A login for your website (for example we will ask you to create an Administrator account on your WordPress for us to use)
    • A login or authorisation to access your web hosting facility, if any. This is so that we can add/remove any files that we need to that are outside your main website. 
    • A login or authorisation to access your domain name registration account. This is so that we can make any modifications necessary to your domain name, such as adding verification records, removing unused entries, adding email authentication records and so  on.

    2 Offsite backup

    This important step is required to ensure that in the unlikely event that your website becomes broken in the early stages of our maintenance we can return it to its former state. 

    We also keep this first backup so that in the event that you want to completely revert your site, we can send this to you so can restore your site back to the state it was in before we started.

    If you choose to use our web hosting facility then we will carry out a website backup and migrate your website across to our servers.

    If you choose not to use our web hosting facility then we will not need to migrate your site, but we will still need to back up your website.

    3 Security audit and security fixes

    Next we carry out a full security audit of your site, including reviewing the Administrator users etc.

    If we identify any security issues we will either fix them or notify you if you need to make any decisions on them. 

    We will then create a list of high priority items that you have told us about, and start fixing bugs or updating the site accordingly. 

    4 Website monitoring and uptime system and alert services. 

    Next we set up our popular website uptime and monitoring service. This means that in the event that your website goes offline, we will know about it within five minutes. Even in the middle of the night!

    5 Initial website updates and task list

    We know you will be most keen to get the pressing problems with your website that prompted you to sign up with us fixes. 

    We will create a shortlist of urgent and near-term fixes and updates. We will provide you with an estimate of how long these will take to complete. And then we will begin working through them, improving your site at every step of the way.

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    Our story

    Dotwise logoDotwise was founded in 1999. We have been developing, maintaining, marketing, buying and selling websites ever since.

    It’s all we do.

    Based in London, we’re a team small enough to really get to know every client, whilst still being able to provide cutting-edge web skills. 

    And because we have the experience of developing and growing websites which we’ve subsequently monetised and sold on, we understand the entire life cycle of websites and web-based businesses.

    We are proud to have won several awards for customer service, digital marketing and innovation. We have been an official Google Partner company for many years. More recently we have become accredited by the Good Business Charter, which demonstrates our commitment to excellence in relations with employees, customers and suppliers.

    Here’s what you get

    BackupsBacking up your website is a vital business continuity task. But you cannot rely on the backups provided by your hosting company. We take a physical backup of your website and data, then rebuild it on our offsite servers to ensure your backup is restorable. This is carried out once per month. We also take daily backups of your site if you host with us.
    Security updates

    Hackers never stop trying. Every hour of every day your site is under attack from hackers around the world trying to find vulnerabilities in your website.

    Your website needs up-to-date security to keep the hackers at bay. We ensure all your security plugins are up-to-date and operating in accordance with security best-practice.

    Plugin updates

    Your website typically has many plugins or modules that give it the features you need such as forms, charts, popups, e-commerce and more.

    These plugins need continual updating to ensure they are up-to-date, both for security reasons and to ensure you get all the latest features.

    Updating plugins is risky and can damage your site if not done professionally. We test any problematic plugin updates offsite before applying them to your site.

    Website updating servicesGet those small jobs off your desk – jobs like page updates, photo resizing, page formatting. If it’s a small one-off task, just ask, we’ll be happy to do that for you. And if it’s a larger task, we’re more than happy to provide a quote you’ll love to get the job done outside your regular hours.
    WordPress core updates

    If your site runs on WordPress, we apply core updates at least once per month.

    Major version updates will be tested using offsite first so there is minimal risk of these updates causing any disruption to your live site.

    24x7x365 website monitoring

    We monitor your website every 5 minutes from multiple locations around the UK or around the world. We’re looking for evidence of downtime, slow running, hacking or defacement.

    At the first sign of trouble our alarms will tell us to swing into action and do whatever is necessary to get your site back online.

    Monthly performance reportWe compile a report of all work done on your site, plus vital performance data, and send to you once per month. You’ll know exactly what we did and what problems we encountered, together with a professional webmaster’s opinion on how well your site is running.
    Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) monitoring and maintenance

    Google provide Webmaster Tools (also known as Search Console) to help site owners understand how Google views the website in search.

    We monitor your Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) for signs of trouble flagged up by Google. We investigate and recommend a solution for any problems alerted by Google.

    In many cases we can implement small fixes immediately. In more complex cases we’ll let you have our recommendations for fixing the issue.

    Proactive investigationWe proactively investigate and fix and problems where possible. Where problems are more complex we’ll provide a recommended solution and discuss with you first.
    Free SEO adviceWhether its on-page content, site speed, mobile performance or backlinks, we continually look for SEO opportunities for your website, so you can rank higher in Google. Our advice is straightforward and free.
    Friendly voice on the end of the phone

    Perhaps our most valuable service is simply the presence of a friendly, professional webmaster available to you at all times for you to ask questions, get recommendations and discuss your plans with.

    We look after hundreds of websites. Whatever your plans or problems, we’ll have seen it before and know the solutions.

    EmailOur service doesn’t include email at the moment. We strongly recommend you investigate business-class email providers such as Microsoft 365 or Gmail. We’re happy to advise.
    Cancel any time

    Our philosophy is easy-in, easy-out. We make it just as easy to cancel as it is to sign up – one click, no questions asked cancellation at any time.

    We require a 30-day offboarding period to offboard your website and finish off any jobs that are outstanding. 

    Monthly contractBeen burned by annual contracts? Don’t worry, our contracts are all monthly and there are no fees for cancellation and no questions asked.